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Pac-12 TV Guide week 13: It’s all about the Apple Cup

Get ready for one of the biggest Apple Cups ever.

NCAA Football: Washington State at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Game of the Week - Washington at Washington State - Friday 12:30pm FOX

Jack’s take: The biggest Apple Cup in more than 30 years. It’s simply Huskies vs. Cougars for the North title and a shot at the Pac-12 title. The match-up is tight, the rivalry is one of the best in the country and the stakes couldn’t be much higher. This is a must-watch for Pac-12 fans.

2. Utah at Colorado - Saturday 4:30pm FOX

Jack’s take: Utah losing to Oregon took some of the luster off of this one, but not all of it. It still decides the South and still is a perfect match-up between slight rivals. The winner of the Apple Cup and USC should be watching this one very closely.

3. Oregon at Oregon State - Saturday 1pm Pac-12 Networks

Jack’s take: We hit the games that are fairly meaningless but have a lot of pride on the line now. The Beavers have their best shot to beat the Ducks in almost 10 years, but the Ducks showed life last week against Utah and are probably playing for a shot at going to a bowl at 5-7.

4. Arizona State at Arizona - Friday 6:30pm ESPN

Jack’s take: Arizona State gets one last shot at getting to six wins and sealing a bowl trip and Arizona goes for their last shot at a Pac-12 win. Both teams are going for one last shot at some much-needed pride at the end of rough seasons.

5. UCLA at Cal - Saturday 4pm ESPN2

Jack’s take: This is actually a decent match-up, but almost utterly meaningless and not a rivalry game, so it slides it behind The Civil War and Territorial Cup. These teams are kind of fighting for a shot at a 5-7 bowl trip.

6. Notre Dame at USC - Saturday 12:30pm ABC

Jack’s take: High-profile game, but super meaningless other than that USC needs to win to keep faint hopes at a Playoff shot alive and to help the conference’s national respect. Notre Dame is ultra-talented, but I don’t know if they can wake up now after sleeping for 11 games going in.

7. Rice at Stanford - Saturday 5pm Pac-12 Networks

Jack’s take: The last Pac-12 regular season game of the season I guess. Stanford fans, enjoy having what should be a cozy contest in a week where most of the country will have their hearts racing and enjoy nine wins after a rough start.