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Pacific Takes Top 25 11/28: Washington, Colorado and USC in Top 10

Three Pac-12 teams stick in the Top 10 while Stanford gets close as well.

NCAA Football: Washington at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Our last Pac-12-focused of the regular season has three Pac-12 teams still in the Top 10.

  1. Alabama 12-0
  2. Ohio State 11-1
  3. Washington 11-1 - Washington’s destruction of Washington State on the road is enough for me to put them over Clemson. The Huskies overall have been pretty impressively consistent and put the hammer down on good teams like Stanford and Washington State. Plus, their lone loss was to a really good team on a roll instead of a true upset.
  4. Clemson 11-1
  5. Michigan 10-2
  6. Wisconsin 10-2
  7. Penn State 10-2
  8. Oklahoma 9-2
  9. Colorado 10-2 - The Buffs put together a hell of a regular season and their only losses were at Top 10 teams. They get the chance to make their already-amazing regular season even better if they can beat Washington in Santa Clara and win the Pac-12.
  10. USC 9-3 - The Trojans did all they could down the stretch to win the Pac-12 and get a potential shot at the Playoff, but those early-season losses ended up killing them. The Trojans are in a pretty good spot though as I bet they either end up in the Rose Bowl if Washington wins Friday or the Cotton Bowl if Colorado wins.
  11. Oklahoma State 9-2
  12. Stanford 9-3 - I don’t know why the rankings are hating on Stanford. They did all they could down the stretch to recover from their rough patch and have a win over USC in their back pocket, with their only losses coming against the best teams in the Pac-12 and Top 25 teams. They can make the Top 10 in my book if they win their bowl game.
  13. West Virginia 9-2
  14. Florida State 9-3
  15. Florida 8-3
  16. Navy 9-2
  17. Western Michigan 12-0
  18. LSU 8-4
  19. Louisville 9-3
  20. Virginia Tech 9-3
  21. Auburn 8-4
  22. Iowa 8-4
  23. Pittsburgh 8-4
  24. Washington State 8-4 - There should be no shame for the Cougars losing at Colorado and then losing bad to Washington six days later with the Huskies on their A-game. They are still a Top 25 team that should win a decent bowl game.
  25. Utah 8-4 - The Utes showed in their fight at Colorado that they are still a very good team, that just choked away a game the week before against Oregon. They were very close to winning the South.

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