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Pac-12 TV Guide week 10: The game of the week is on a Thursday night?

Counting down the best Pac-12 games on a soft week.

NCAA Football: Colorado at UCLA Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Game of the Week - UCLA at Colorado - Thursday 6pm FOX Sports 1

Not a very good week, when this is the best game, and it’s on a Thursday. This one loses a little bit of luster because it looks like Josh Rosen still might not be able to go, but the Bruins have their backs against the wall here and really need a win to stay in bowl contention, so I expect them to come out swinging.

Dad’s Take: Just in time to get rid of this baseball taste in my mouth.

Mouth’s Take: In honor of our presidential election, every game will be a presidential candidate competition. Hillary Clinton versus Donnie Trump. It's interesting, and we’re not sure if we can trust one of them and the other might be fired at the end of it all.

2. Oregon at USC - 4pm ESPN

I think I like this game a lot more than other people. Both teams really need a win here (USC to stay in the South race and keep their turnaround season going and Oregon to keep decent hope alive for a bowl), I think they are somewhat evenly matched, and it’s a battle of two freshman quarterbacks who look like they are becoming stars in the conference.

Dad’s Take: Thanks to my wife for letting me attend this game.

Mouth’s Take: Gloria LaRiva versus Darrel Castle, yeah, we went there this is the Socialist Party versus The Constitution Party. In other words, it doesn't matter but they are both on record as “competing”.

3. Washington at Cal - 7:30pm ESPN

This one is a bit more interesting than it seems on paper because the Huskies are coming directly off of a hard-fought road game at Utah and it is a classic trap game sandwiched between two serious showdowns for the Huskies. Keep an eye on this one if Cal can avoid the early knockout punch Washington has delivered to teams similar to Cal early as they may be able to stretch it out into a game.

Dad’s Take: I’ll stay up late to see if UDub does something stupid.

Mouth’s Take: This game is Clinton versus Evan McMullin. All one team can do is ruin the other team’s season.

4. Arizona at Washington State 1pm Pac-12 Networks

There is nothing which suggests Washington State shouldn’t win this game comfortably, but the Pac-12 is crazy and I feel like Arizona is going to rally at some point this season. Could this be the game?

Dad’s Take: Is Leach too busy thinking of press conference zingers?

Mouth’s Take: Jill Stein versus Donnie Trump. One of these teams matter in the scheme of things, the other sucks and needs to go away.

5. Oregon State at Stanford 12:30 FOX Sports 1

Okay, as of last week, Stanford still looks like they can methodically constrict outmatched Pac-12 opponents and pepper in Christian McCaffrey explosions for a little flavor. The Beavers are improving and could make this one interesting though if the Cardinal leave the door open in Palo Alto.

Dad’s Take: This game is the diaper pail of Week 10. If opened, it will stink up the whole room.

Mouth’s Take: ehhh Jill Stein versus Gary Johnson. Neither matter and they both suck.