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Pacific Takes Week 10 Picks

The team makes their week 10 picks.

Arizona State v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Pacific Takes Staff attempts to pick all the big games for the coming weekend.

Last Week's Record 6-1 5-2 6-1 5-2 7-0 7-0 5-2 4-3 6-1 4-3 6-1
Season Record 45-18 40-23 35-28 38-25 42-21 42-21 39-24 35-28 35-28 38-25 12-2
Name Taylor Henry Ryan Larson Jose Bouquett Gabey Lucas Eli Boettger Jack Follman Simeon Moses David Colangelo Travis King Andrew Burnett Chris Shepard
UCLA at #21 Colorado Colorado- Backup QB for UCLA and a poor receiving core against that secondary? Forget about it. CU ROLLS on national TV. Moves one step closer to a P-12 South Title. Colorado- The Bruins really need to win thie game if they're going to make a bowl This means they're not going to win this game. Colorado- I know Taylor, I know. Enjoy this. Without Rosen the sun doesn't shine as bright. Why bother? CU big. Colorado- As much as I love falafel as a food, I don't love it as a QB especially with an O-line responsible for Rosen's decimation and receivers that drop so much. Unless Ralphie comes out looking like they think too highly of themselves ala USC, they should handle this. Colorado- Colorado Wins. No further comment. Colorado- I'm tempted to pick UCLA because they really need to win this game, but CU keeps proving themselves by winning games just like this and should at home. Colorado- No Rosen, No win. Colorado- I want to take UCLA in the upset, but I just can't trust the falafel maker. Colorado- With Rosen out, UCLA's season is pretty much lost. CU should take care of business at home. Colorado- No Rosen, No chance for UCLA. Colorado- CU is playing about as well as anyone in the country right now, and UCLA is playing with a backup QB.. Blackout in Boulder... Ralphie runs Wild! 41-17
#1 Alabama at #15 LSU Alabama- I've been to Death Valley 3 times. Every college football fan should make a trip to Baton Rouge. It's a special place. Unfortunately, even the crowd can't stop Saban from rolling. Tide pull away late. Alabama- Do you really expect any other pick? Alabama- Never will I ever pick against Saban. Never. Bama is going to keep rolling. Alabama- Still not betting againsst Alabama so... Bama. Alabama- Bama isn't going to lose this game, and they might not lose another game for 108 years or so. Bama wins by 3 scores. Alabama- Bama continues their scary impressive role and LSU continues to be a talented team that doesn't do much on the field. LSU- Because haters gotta hate. And I'm hating. Fournette runs for a billion yards. Alabama- A harsh reminder from Nick Saban that Ed Orgeron is only an interim coach at LSU. Alabama- LSU is good.... But Roll Tide. Alabama- Never pick against Saban. LSU- Going out on a limb here, but growing up in SEC country I have seen many dreams die at LSU at night. LSU matches up physically with Bama. The Cajuns will be tailgaiting all day long. Death Valley will rock and rattle Hurts, 15-10 LSU in a shocker.
#9 Nebraska at #6 Ohio State Ohio State- Nebraska lost a close one last week. I have a feeling OSU is due for a beatdown. Ohio State BIG at the Horseshoe. Ohio State- Is Nebraska good? I don't know. Is OSU good? I don't know. Maybe we'll have it figured out by week 14. Ohio State- Urban is a top 3 coach in the nation. Nebraska isn't OSU good yet. Ohio State is going to roll over Nebraska and it isn't going to be pretty. Ohio State- I want Nebraska to win but I'm going by the Nebraska's fans words of "we're the worst (Until recentlly) undefeated team" for this one. Nebraska is still legit though so maybe they pull it off. Ohio State- This is going to be an intense, low-scoring game. One team is going to win 21-14, and I think that team is OSU. I'm calling for 2 INT's from both Armstrong and Barrett in the defensive battle. Ohio State- Nebraska isn't as good as their record and I think OSU should be focused after their loss at Penn State, knowing they have no margin for error now. Ohio State- OSU is just too good in the Shoe. Ohio State- Nebraska is fluke city, population who cares? Ohio State- Nebraska may not be a complete fraud, but OSU should further expost them this week. I think the Buckeyes roll the Huskers. Ohio State- Nebraska is a paper dragon. Ohio State- In a big game... in Columbus.. Nebraska is playing very well, but not enough horses to run in two big games back to back. Buckeyes 31-21.
Oregon State at Stanford Stanford- I think OSU has shown the ability to hang, and I really like Nall. Problem is they just don't have enough talent to win. It'll be closer than people think, but I'll take Stanford by a TD. Stanford- This game will take the fans who watch it and slowly punt them to death in gruesome fashion. Stanford- This is what I call a poo poo game. Both teams aren't that good but Stanford at least has talent. Big game from McCaffrey. Stanford- I think by the end of the season Stanford will prove this "down year" is pretty temporary and no indicative of a bigger fall. OSU has been showing lately they aren't an easy out anymore, but they're not up there yet and Stanford should take advantage. Stanford- If Stanford can't beat the Beavers at hme, let's just pack it up and call it a season. Remember when McCaffrey was on the ESPN preview magazin and everyone was picking the Cardinal? Feels like centuries ago. Stanford- The Cardinal can still suffocate teams that don't match their talent and run away with McCaffrey when they need to. Stanford- Who is more sad? The Beavers. Blow a 21 point lead and you should be sad. Sad teams don't win. Stanford- Maybe this game can be even more boring than Stanford Colorado, but I doubt it. Stanford- Oregon State is a bad team. Stanford is just having a bad year. I'm going with Stanford at home. Stanford- Shaw finally figured some things out against Arizona. OSU should be an easier challenge. Stanford- Stanford seems to have stabilized things. Remember just a month ago it was #6 vs. #8 Washington? Stanford still good. Stanford 31-10.
Oregon at USC USC- Helton has never lost a game at home. I think that trend continues. Watch for JuJu to have a huge day against that secondary. USC- It's awesome the Ducks finally have a reliable QB, now they just need to fix all the other spots on their roster and they'll be good again. USC- Remember when USC was a dumpster fire? Oregon is now that dumpster fire. USC is actually good now.. Which is weird... USC wins a close one. USC- The Trojans are hitting their stride. The Ducks have shown how close they are to wins in so many games but USC is really clicking right now. USC- USC is rolling and should be in the top 25 if they can beat Oregon at home. The Trojans are peaking at the right time of the season. Darnold goes for 5 TD's and no picks. USC- Sam Darnold outduels Justin Herbert with his better overall talen and home field. USC- I think USC could put 70 points on Oregon like UW did. Oregon's defense isn't worthy of a wet paper bag to fight. USC- Unless Oregon catches USC looking ahead to UW, USC wins comfortably before the showdown in Seattle. USC- USC will duplicate the effort from last week and beat Oregon by two scores. USC- Darnold will have a huge day against the Ducks defense. USC- Oregon has found a QB! Problem is that they have not seen a physical defense like SC and Oregon can't stop a nosebleed. 38-17 Trojans.
#22 Oklahoma State at Kansas State Oklahoma State- KSU has an ability to ugly up a game, and find a way to win. This is a trap game for OSU after the emotional win last week, but I think Rudolph makes just enough plays. Kansas State- I don't know why the Big 12 even exists this year other than to give us an entire conference to laugh at each week. Oklahoma State- Who else? As I said, OSU won last week and they continue their winning streak with more Mason Rudolph magic and James Washington Talent. Oklahoma State- Cowboys, and I'm only saying that becase I know Jose will pick OSU too and I don't want to give him any chances to catch up to me. Suck it. Kansas State- For the 2nd week in a row, OSU is involved in an upset. The Cowboys thoroughly handled WVU, but KSU will protect home field advantage here and notch a top 25 win. Oklahoma State- The Cowboys seem to finally be realizing their potential. They are making a late Big 12 run. Oklahoma State- OSU is coming up to the world. They can still make a top tier bowl game if they keep winning. That's motivation to win. Kansas State- Tough plae to win, let down game for OSU. Kansas State- KSU has been sneakily good at home this year, and I like them to upset the Cowboys at home. Kansas State- Never pick against a home team in the Big 12. Kansas State- Physical defense for the Wildcats, and I'm just not sold on OSU.... I just can't pick Billy Ray Cyrus.. I mean Gundy. 24-21 KSU late.
#10 Florida at Arkansas Arkanasas- I like Florida's defense. But I hate their offense. Arkansas has played well at home, and I think in Fay Town they can get it done. Woo Pig. Arkansas- Do your best to avoid even thinking about this game this weekend. In the true spirit of Florida do whatever you can to skip this game and don't reschedule it. Florida- Don't care about either team. Florida isn't that good even though they're #10 which is crazy, but they'll be exposed soon by the SEC powers. Arkansas- Maverick pick of the week. Also I just want to see more evidence that the SEC East sucks. Even though, lets be real, Florida is probably going to win, I just don't care. Florida- Arkansas already pulled off twow big upsets this season when they beat TCU and Ole Miss, but Florida will hold off the Razorbacks with a game-winning field goal in the final seconds. Florida- Neither of these teams are that great, but I think Florida has a lot more talent and a better defense. Florida-Gator magic continues. Could Florida be the dark horse to sneak into the CFP? If they win here than they are a step closer to yes. Florida- Too much defense for the Hogs to handle. Florida- I thought Arkansas was a better team than they've turend out to be. Florida wins this game fairly easily. Florida- Gators should handle the Razorbacks run game. Arkansas- Florida looks pedestrian. Even as bad as UGA is this year, they were in the game in the 4th qurter against UF. I know the Hogs got whacked by Auburn, but they have more speed. Too much scoring for Florida. 35-21 Arkansas.