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Final Pac-12 Football Power Rankings

One Last Ride

Utah v Colorado Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

1. Washington Huskies (11-1)

What’s left to say about the Huskies? One loss season, playoff hopes, Jake Browning named the best player in the conference, they’ve been the best all season and are one game away from a playoff berth.

2. USC Trojans (9-3)

Best mid-season turnaround of the season. Sam Darnold has been a revelation, it was only a couple weeks ago when they were 11th on this list.

3. Colorado Buffaloes (10-2)

The Rise! Against all odds, Colorado has advanced to the conference championship game. It has been a dream season for the Buffs and whether they win or lose against Washington, they’ll be happy with the result of their season.

4. Washington State (8-4)

They had a chance. The Cougars had a chance to ruin their rivals great season but failed to come up with a victory in the Apple Cup. Now Mike Leach and company wait for their bowl selection.

5. Utah Utes (8-4)

What a disappointing ending to the season for the Utes. They were in line for the Pac-12 South bid for the championship game and they failed to capitalize. Now they will have to settle for a bowl bid.

6. Stanford Cardinal (9-3)

Another great turnaround mid-season. The Cardinal had playoff hopes but a couple early losses put them in danger of missing a bowl. Now the Cardinal will ride a wave of momentum into the bowl season.

7. Arizona State Sun Devils (5-7)

Here comes the sad part of the list. Arizona State’s season had a lot of potential. Then things turned sour for Todd Graham. A couple losses later, a calling a certain coach a “Chicken sh*t” and a lost to Arizona later, forces them out of bowl contention.

8. Cal Bears (5-7)

Davis Webb was great. The offense, stellar. The defense, absolutely terrible. And with rumors of Sonny Dykes leaving; it will be an interesting offseason for the Bears.

9. UCLA Bruins (4-8)

What is there to say about the Bruins. They lost their star quarterback due to a horrible offensive line. The only reason they were in games was their defense who faltered at the end of the year. Jim Mora, your seat should be on fire.

10. Oregon State Beavers (4-8)

Is this an average year for the Beavers? There really isn’t much to say. We all expected this. But at least they won the Civil War!

11. Oregon Ducks (4-8)

Bye Bye Mark Helfrich. Time to hit the reset button.

12. Arizona Wildcats (3-9)

Rich Rod, I don’t know how you have a job. But Hey, you beat ASU so I guess it’s a successful season?