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Pac-12 bracketology 2/16: Arizona, Cal & Utah climb the ladder

A rough week for Oregon opens the door for Arizona.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

On Track

Oregon 20-6 (9-4)

Seed: 3-4

Quality wins (Wins over teams I think are in the tournament or first four out): Baylor, Valparaiso, Alabama, Cal, at Utah, USC, at Arizona, Colorado, Utah Bad losses: UNLV

Toughest remaining game: 3/5 at USC

Rough week for the Ducks, as they had a chance to start putting a chokehold on a number two seed while moving into potential number one seed territory, but lost two games in the Bay Area. They still have a shot at a two and maybe even a one, but they can maybe only lose one more game down the stretch.

Arizona 21-5 (9-4)

Seed: 4-5

Quality wins: at Gonzaga, Washington, at Washington, USC

Toughest remaining game: 2/27 at Utah

The Ducks's loss was Arizona's gain as they took care of business at home against the LA schools. The Wildcats may have actually moved ahead  of Oregon in NCAA seeding for now.

Utah 19-7 (8-5)

Seed: 6-7

Quality wins: San Diego State, Temple, Duke, at Colorado, at Washington, Cal, Washington

Toughest remaining game: 2/27 Arizona

The Utes took care of business by downing the Washington schools and bounced back from a rough week before in Oregon. They really want to close the season strong to try and avoid falling in the 7-10-seed range.

USC 18-7 (7-5)

Seed: 6-7

Quality wins: Monmouth, Wichita State, Yale, Arizona, Washington

Toughest remaining game: 3/5 Oregon

Tough week for the Trojans losing both games in Arizona, with the loss at Arizona State being the toughest. They close with four of six at home, but they are all tough games, giving this young team a chance to move up the ladder, but also slip towards the bubble if they fall apart.

Colorado 19-7 (8-5)

Seed: 7-9

Quality wins: Oregon, Cal, Washington

Toughest remaining game: 3/5 at Utah

Colorado avoided disaster by squeaking by both Washington schools in Boulder last week, but they got those wins and remain off the bubble for now. They have a very, very tough schedule down the stretch and they will need some big games, including some on the road to ensure their tournament spot.

Cal 17-8 (7-5)

Seed: 8-10

Quality wins: Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Oregon Bad losses: Richmond

Toughest remaining game: 3/3 at Arizona

The Bears made a major statement last week with a sweep of the Oregon schools that included a blowout of Oregon. The Bears moved themselves off the bubble for the time being in my opinion.

On The Bubble

Washington 15-10 (7-6)

Seed: NIT-play-in

Quality wins: Texas, USC, Colorado Bad losses: Oakland, UCSB

Toughest remaining game: 2/28 at Oregon

The Huskies have lost three in a row, four out of their last five and five out of their last seven. They can easily get back in because of their good in-conference record, but for now, the Huskies are one of the first teams out right now.

Oregon State 15-9 (6-7)

Seed: NIT

Quality wins: Tulsa, Oregon, Cal, USC, Utah, Colorado

Toughest remaining game: 2/20 at Oregon

The Beavers stayed afloat by beating Stanford on the road, but kept themselves a little bit down the bubble by losing at Cal. The tournament is still in reach for the Beavers, but they are going to have to play really well down the stretch.

UCLA 14-11 (5-7)

Seed: NIT

Quality wins: Kentucky, at Gonzaga, Arizona Bad losses: Wake Forest, at Washington State

Toughest remaining game: 3/2 Oregon

The Bruins are simply drifting away. They finish the season with six really tough games that could them back into the field, but they cannot afford many more losses and even stay on the bubble.

Hanging by a thread

Arizona State 14-12 (4-9)

Seed: C tournament-NIT

Quality wins: Texas A&M, USC Bad losses: Sacramento State

Toughest remaining game: 2/17 at Arizona

The Sun Devils are a major longshot, but a huge upset of USC last week keeps them alive. They will have a shot at the tournament if they win out, or maybe lose one game and make noise in the Pac-12 Tournament.

Stanford 12-11 (5-7)

Seed: C tournament-NIT

Quality wins: Utah, Cal, Oregon

Toughest remaining game: 3/5 at Arizona

Stanford kept themselves alive with a huge upset of Oregon last week, but really hurt themselves by losing at home to Oregon State. They have a nice in-conference record that keeps them alive, but they have almost no room for error down the stretch and will have to perform in the Pac-12 Tournament.