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Ranking the Pac-12 games of 2015 - 102-51: The worst Pac-12 games of the year

These are the forgettable games of 2015.

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Avinash Kunnath and Jack Follman will be saving you from off-season boredom by counting down every Pac-12 game of the 2015 season.

We will get things started with the less-exciting game, dropping down from 51. Stay tuned for the Top 50 games coming soon in 10-game installments.

51. November 7 – Utah 34 Washington 23

AK: The Huskies had all their cards in order for the upset with Travis Wilson struggling, but two Gionni Paul forced turnovers turned into 14 gift-wrapped Utah points early. The Utes stayed in front of the Huskies all game long and got a late third turnover to seal the win. Everytime Washington though they were on the verge, Utah had an answer.

JF: The Utes sucked the life out of an upset-hungry Husky team by forcing turnovers and pounding Devontae Booker en-route to nice road win.

52. October 17 – Utah 34 Arizona State 18

AK: This was a weird game that was a lot closer than the score. ASU had the lead in the fourth quarter and seemed to have the Utah offense stuck in neutral. They took advantage of a terrible kickoff and forced a safety and did their best effort to shut down Devontae Booker. Then in the final fifteen minutes Arizona State imploded with bad punts, kick catch interference, fumbles, and a Booker long scamper to the house.

JF: A wild night in Salt Lake City where Utah's defense keyed them to another ugly Pac-12 win that kept them undefeated at the time.

53. November 21 – Stanford 35 Cal 22

AK: Another Big Game victory for Stanford thanks to McCaffrey running wild (nearly 200 on the ground, a 42 yard touchdown catch and a 98 yard kickoff return). Stanford’s defense gave up yards but not touchdowns, and Cal fell into a hole too big to overcome to get the Axe back.

JF: Weird game. The Cardinal gave up a ton of yards, but Cal couldn't score TDs in the red zone and Stanford hung on to wrap up the North.

54. November 17 – Oregon 44 Cal 28

AK: Just one of those typical Vernon Adams games. Cal comes in, looks poised to score an upset up 10-0, and then Adams started balling. 31 unanswered points for Oregon on the last five drives of the half for the Ducks, including 28 points in 28 plays. It was another rare victory for the Oregon defense holding the high-octane Cal offense to one of their lowest totals of the season.

JF: Weird, rainy game where Cal's offense couldn't keep up with the red-hot Ducks and Vernon Adams and Jared Goff continued to not play his best football.

55. September 26 – Utah 62 Oregon 20

AK: Probably one of the most compelling routs of the season. Blood was shed at Autzen in a way we’d never seen the Ducks shed blood in recent memory. Utah kept on finding ways to go wild, with fake punt returns, Devontae Booker throwing touchdowns, fake punts, Travis Wilson straight balling, and the Oregon defense getting shredded all throughout.

JF: As exciting as 42-point wins come. The Utes truly shocked the world by eviscerating the Ducks in their own backyard and in spectacular fashion with one-of-a-kind play after one-of-a-kind play. This was especially fun for all the Oregon haters out there.

56. September 5 – Oregon 61 Eastern Washington 42

AK: You could tell the Ducks defense was going to be a problem the moment Eastern Washington started trading touchdowns with Oregon. This game went from bad to worse when Vernon Adams got hurt and was not at 100% for the crucial matchup with Michigan State the next weekend.

JF: The Vernon Adam Bowl showed the Ducks were going to have a horrible defense in 2015, got Vernon Adams hurt and raised the question of if Eastern would have won this game had Adams not headed down to Eugene.

57. October 22 – UCLA 40 Cal 24

AK: Cal didn’t show up for this one and UCLA was on their game after an ugly Stanford performance. Josh Rosen had his best game so far and Cal’s offense went into one of their early game funks that they could not recover from. The Bruins went up 23-3 and led by three scores for most of the game as Rosen dissected the Cal defense with ease.

JF: This was the darkest of the dark for the Bears when they were stuck in their tough phase. They kept it a two-score difference, but fell behind by a lot early.

58. October 24 – USC 42 Utah 24

AK: Two big USC turnovers (a pick-six and another long interception, both by Cameron Smith) were the difference, as Utah’s three turnovers turned into the big Trojan scores. Those two turnovers put USC up early and it was their game from then on. Utah played pretty much evenly aside from the turnover margin.

JF: The upset almost everyone saw coming. This game was exciting for USC as freshman linebacker Cameron Smith had a hat trick of picks off Travis Wilson and made the difference.

59. September 3 – Arizona 42 UTSA 32

AK: Two crucial UTSA turnovers that led to immediate or almost immediate Arizona touchdowns, and those 14 points swung the game. The Roadrunners offense went right past the Arizona defense, as UT San Antonio picked up 525 yards and had their way most of the game.

JF: The Roadrunners challenged the Wildcats again, this time in an opener where they had a real shot at taking down the Wildcats and their bad defense.

60. December 26 – Heart of Dallas Bowl – Washington 44 Southern Mississippi 31

AK: Washington 44, Southern Miss 31: You know one of those games that felt close but was never really in doubt? The Huskies defense was surprisingly meek, but Washington's offense took over when the game got close and guided UW to a bowl win.

JF: This game actually flirted with becoming a close one but the Huskies pulled away late and Myles Gaskin put on a show.

61. September 5 – UCLA 34 Virginia 16

AK: Josh Rosen’s coming out party! Rosen averaged 10 yards a pass attempt and slashed and dashed all Cavalier defensive efforts. Virginia finished 4-8 so it didn’t turn out to be as impressive as we thought, but there’s no doubt Rosen will enter 2016 the class of the Pac-12 quarterbacks.

JF: UCLA fans finally got to see Josh Rosen and he didn't disappoint as he had one of the best debuts by a true freshman ever in a solid win for the Bruins.

62. October 24 – Stanford 31 Washington 14

AK: Probably the least interesting game in the Pac-12 North race. Washington had no Jake Browning and no chance offensively, and Stanford just piled on the yards in a very workmanlike victory. This was one Pac-12 After Dark game you could turn off early.

JF: This game wasn't as close as the score indicates as the Cardinal grinded out a Browningless Huskies.

63. November 21 – Oregon 48 USC 28

AK: A Justin Wilcox defense faces Oregon, a Justin Wilcox defense loses to Oregon. The Ducks piled up 38 points and over 460 yards on their first 39 offensive plays to go up 38-14, and held up against some Trojan counterpunches. There’s a reason Justin Wilcox is no longer coaching USC’s defense.

JF: This one looked like it was going to be a fun shootout for a while and then USC ran out of gas and Oregon pulled away. This was the best the Ducks looked all season with Vernon Adams and their receivers lighting it up all day.

64. September 25 – Stanford 42 Oregon State 24

JF: The Beavers actually gave the Cardinal a hard-fought game where keeping the final difference under 20 was a major accomplishment.

65. September 12 – Arizona State 35 Cal Poly 21

JF: Holy hell. The Sun Devils had a hangover from their beating by Texas A&M and let Cal Poly give them a bit of a game.

66. September 19 – Oregon State 35 San Jose State 21

JF: This slog against a not-very-good Mountain West team that was almost in question was the Beavers' best win of the season. Ouch.

67. October 17 – Washington State 52 Oregon State 31

AK: One of those "score does not reflect the ownage". If not for a punt block and a kickoff return touchdown from Oregon State, this would probably be in the bottom 20. Total domination by the Cougars over the Beavers.

JF: I think the Cougars got up like 52-0 in this game and then the Beavers ripped off a bunch unanswered to get close to making it a game.

68. October 15 – Stanford 56 UCLA 35

AK: Ah, the annual Stanford beating of UCLA. The talented Bruins defense decided Christian McCaffrey was not worth covering, and he piled up 243 yards and four touchdowns in the first three quarters. UCLA had a decent game offensively, but the Cardinal offense overwhelmed the Bruins from the first snap. And there was that catch too.

JF: This game was slightly closer than the final score indicates, but it was still another David Shaw dominating of Jim Mora and the Bruins. This was a game that showed Stanford is a completely different team that might not be stingy on defense anymore, but who can outscore you no problem.

69. October 31 – Utah 27 Oregon State 12

JF: I remember this one actually being one of Oregon State's best in-conference performances. That is sad.

70. December 29 – Armed Forces Bowl – Cal 55 Air Force 36

AK: The Bears were never threatened in this game and led by three scores for almost the entire second half. This wasn't a super exciting contest unless you were an NFL cellar dwellar hoping to find a new franchise quarterback. Jared Goff sure delivered.

JF: Jared Goff's curtain call was a thing of beauty even if the game wasn't that close.

71. September 5 – Texas A&M 38 Arizona State 17

AK: Arizona State played hard against Texas A&M, but they had trouble getting their offense going. Two huge plays by Christian Kirk made all the difference in that one. The Sun Devils also missed Kalen Ballage, as their run game could not get going at all against the Aggies defense.

JF: This was actually a pretty good game till the fourth quarter when the Aggie broke it open. It was a harbinger of mediocrity to come for the Sun Devils.

72. September 19 – Washington State 31 Wyoming 14

JF: It's amazing to think the Cougars beat a putrid Wyoming team by just 17 points in Pullman in an unimpressive performance considering how the rest of their season played out.

73. January 1 – Rose Bowl – Stanford 45 Iowa 16

AK: Anytime a top ten defense is totally unprepared to handle the Heisman Trophy runner-up, you're going to get an awful football game. Christian McCaffrey was not accounted for from play one, and the game was over from there. Aside from some Iowa fans getting mad at halftime and wanted to ban the Stanford Band, this was a bore.

JF: This game was over about as quickly as possible. It was at least entertaining to get to watch Christian McCaffrey show the world why he should have won the Heisman against a top defense.

74. September 26 – UCLA 56 Arizona 30

AK: All hopes that Arizona could repeat their Pac-12 South title bid were dashed with three early first half Wildcats turnovers that turned what looked like a back-and-forth affair into a 42-14 halftime lead for the Bruins. UCLA’s defensive woes were on full display (353 rushing yards conceded!) but Arizona’s defense was hardly better, and the turnovers made all the difference.

JF: Arizona's defense was bad, bad, bad in 2015 and this was the official in-conference notification of that.

75. September 19 – Utah 45 Fresno State 24

AK: With no Travis Wilson, Devontae Booker (two touchdowns), the Utah defense and special teams (three touchdowns) picked up the slack and led the way. The Ute run game and defense and special teams usually can carry Utah most weeks, and it was no different in their foray in Fresno.

JF: Nice solid road win for the Utes in one of those dreaded road games against a Mountain West team that tend to be so tricky.

76. September 12 – Arizona 44 Nevada 20

JF: The Wildcats avoided a trap in Reno and skated out of town with a comfortable victory. Well done.

77. October 10 – Arizona State 48 Colorado 23

AK: One of the few games where Colorado was overwhelmed from the start, and the Sun Devils took full advantage at one of the few chances they had at a smooth sailing victory.

JF: Colorado kept this one from getting ugly, but confirmed early on they were the worst team in the South again.

78. September 12 – Michigan 35 Oregon State 7

AK: Oregon State scored a touchdown! And then their season pretty much ended. The Beavers had 79 yards of offense on their first drive for a score and just over 80 yards the rest of the game. It was not a good time in Ann Arbor.

JF: For a second, it looked like the Beavers might make a game of it in Ann Arbor. For a second.

79. September 12 – Stanford 31 UCF 7

AK: UCF’s drives during this game: Three and out, three and out, turnover on downs, fumble, three and out, halftime, five and out, five and out, interception, five and out, turnover on downs, touchdown. Hope it was fun!

JF: This one was a blowout, but one that was watched closely as everyone wanted to see if Stanford would bounce back from their disastrous opener at Northwestern, especially on offense. Spoiler alert: they did.

80. September 19 – Oregon 61 Georgia State 28

AK: Nothing much to say. The Ducks piled on the yards, but struggled to stop the Georgia State offense from eating up yards. It was the start of a season-long trend.

JF: Not a real entertaining game, but was very curious because it kind of confirmed Oregon's defense was going to be epically bad when they gave up 28 at home to Georgia State.

81. November 27 – Washington 45 Washington State 10

AK: Washington State really didn’t have a chance without Luke Falk. The downgrade to Peyton Bender had to be a few touchdowns, and the Apple Cup was never the same. The Washington defense got 21 points on its own off of just turnovers, and Wazzu’s usually potent Air Raid was grounded that week.

JF: The Husky defense blew the doors open against an injury-ravaged Cougar team in spectacular fashion with three touchdowns. The difference may have been large, but it was entertaining if you like big defensive plays.

82. September 19 – Washington 31 Utah State 17

AK: This was the first glance that Jake Browning might be the Washington Huskies quarterback of the future. Browning responded with a bad pass and managed two touchdowns right afterwards. Only three turnovers kept UW from winning this one in decisive fashion.

JF: The Aggies managed to keep this one somewhat close with defense, but ultimately it was about the Huskies proving they would be at least a solid team in 2015 by beating a good mid-major.

83. September 4 – Oregon State 26 Weber State 7

AK: The Beavers took care of Weber State in a classic Seth Collins performance. He also had some hurdles. This I think is the only classic Seth Collins performance in an Oregon State uniform. It was a really bad sign the Beavers could only manage 26 points though.

JF: The Beavers controlled the game, but Weber State almost always seemed to be in reasonable striking distance. The first sign the Beavers weren't going to be good in 2015.

84. September 19 – Arizona State 34 New Mexico 10

AK: The last time New Mexico beat Arizona State, they were two years off of detonating the first atomic bomb ever. In the subsequent 19 meetings, it’s been all ASU, all the time, and this was the Mike Bercovici show.

JF: The Sun Devils didn't dominate this game the way many expected, continuing to raise valid concerns that they may disappoint in 2015.

85. November 21 – Washington State 27 Colorado 3

AK: Washington State took care of business against Colorado and held them off the field, but this was a sobering game due to the injury to Luke Falk. It was the type of football game where no one won and just one team lost more slowly.

JF: A slow slog the Cougars grinded out in chilly Pullman. Not much to remember here except Falk getting hurt which affected next week's Apple Cup.

86. September 12 – Cal 35 San Diego State 7

AK: One of the few times the Cal defense was actually impressive in handling the Mountain West champs. The Golden Bears handled the Aztecs offense, and San Diego State could not get anything going.

JF: San Diego State frequently puts up a fight against Pac-12 teams, this was not one of those times.

87. November 14 – Cal 54 Oregon State 24

AK: 760 yards of offense for Cal! The Bears snapped their four game losing streak in style, and the Beavers just had no opportunity to catch up at all. Cal took care of business to get back to bowl eligibility.

JF: This was one of those classic "get right" games where the Bears moved past a dark stretch and annihilated an overmatched opponent with blistering offense.

88. September 26 – USC 42 Arizona State 14

AK: Poor Arizona State. USC had 21 of their 35 points on an 80 yard touchdown pass, a 94 yard fumble return, and another kickoff fumble that resulted in a subsequent touchdown almost immediately. It was 35-0 at halftime and the Sun Devils were so close to making a game of it. But the hole was too deep.

JF: This was the infamous potentially drunk Sark game where he was jumping up and down on the sideline. Basically his curtain call as a Pac-12 coach.

89. November 7 – Stanford 42 Colorado 10

AK: Stanford had the ball for over 22 minutes of the first half and built up another conventional 28-7 lead. The Cardinal managed 275 rushing yards overall and the Buffs just had no way to overcome Stanford operating at peak level.

JF: Just pure Stanford execution, like it or not.

90. September 12 – UCLA 37 UNLV 3

AK: Paul Perkins kept on showing why he’s special and the UCLA defense shut down the Rebels all game long. 56 passing yards allowed on 23 pass attempts is really impressive. It wasn't a great game for Josh Rosen, and it was a sign of future freshman struggles.

JF: The Bruins went to Vegas and I guess it was fun if you put money on the Bruins to cover the spread.

91. September 12 – Colorado 48 UMass 14

AK: The Buffs racked up 558 yards of offense and dominated time of possession and piled up nearly 400 rushing yards in a big-time rout. Good times for Colorado, and another sign they are returning to a competitive Pac-12 level.

JF: The Pac-12 beating up on the MAC! Yay!!!!

92. October 10 – Arizona 44 Oregon State 7

AK: We’re trying to flash forward through most of the Beaver games as quickly as we can. It was one of the few games where the Wildcat defense showed any sense of pride, and Anu Solomon had a 2014 throwback game. He threw one pass for 70 yards. Seth Collins had 56 passing yards total.

JF: A rare chance to see Arizona's offense look like the thing of beauty in can be against a Pac-12 opponent in 2015.

93. October 3 – Stanford 55 Arizona 17

AK: If you enjoy the leisurely pace of soccer, this was the game for you! Stanford had two incompletions and ran the ball for a mathematical 314 yards, and the game was over in under three hours. It was your typical old school Cardinal obliteration.

JF: This was one of the games that confirmed Stanford had an offense you would actually want to watch in 2015.

94. November 7 – UCLA 41 Oregon State 0

AK: The Beavers offense in this game went punt, punt, fumble, interception, punt, interception, punt, interception, fumble, punt, punt, downs. That wooly mammoth was enjoying the fossil that was the Oregon State offense.

JF: The UCLA defense usually disappoints despite being loaded with talent. This was the rare game where they came out of their shell and performed as well as they can.

95. November 21 – Washington 52 Oregon State 7

AK: Before Chris Petersen called the dogs off, this had the potential to be the Pac-12’s Georgia Tech-Cumberland. It was 35-0 with TEN MINUTES LEFT IN THE FIRST HALF. The Beavers went three and out five seven times and turned the ball over twice. It was a total fiasco.

JF: The Huskies have really put it to the Beavers lately and this might have been the worst of them as this 45-point spread wasn't actually as close as the score indicated.

96. October 31 – Washington 49 Arizona 3

AK: Arizona had a 15 play 65 yard drive end in a field goal, a 10 play, 57 yard drive and a 10 play, 58 yard drive end in turnovers on downs, and turned the ball over four times. The Wildcats could not shoot themselves in the foot enough, and Washington blew their doors off.

JF: An interesting flip flop game where Washington's then moribund offense went off and Arizona's then hot offense did almost nothing.

97. September 26 – Colorado 48 Nicholls State 0

AK: Nicholls State has a quarterback named Tuskani Figaro who threw for 40 total yards on 22 attempts. That’s under two yards per pass attempt! Colorado’s backup QBs threw for 51 yards in extended garbage time.

JF: Always fun to see Colorado light it up every once in a while because you only get so many chances to see that.

98. September 5 – USC 55 Arkansas State 6

AK: Arkansas State turned out to be a very solid team (9-4!) but the Red Wolves fell victim to "Overmatched USC home opener syndrome". The Trojans flexed their muscles.

JF: Probably the second-best performance by a Sarkisian-coached USC team last season.

99. September 12 – Washington 49 Sacramento State 0

AK: Sacramento State had 11 first downs, 11 rushing yards, 9 punts, and two missed field goals. Still probably did better than a few Pac-12 teams did against the Washington D.

JF: This was a coming out party for freshmen Jake Browning and Myles Gaskin.

100. September 12 – USC 59 Idaho 9

AK: Fun fact: USC was still a top ten team and Steve Sarkisian was still being given mild respect as a solid Pac-12 coach throttling the hapless Vandals.

JF: This may have been Idaho's last game as an FBS team against a Pac-12 opponent.

101. September 5 – Cal 73 Grambling State 14

AK: If you were at the game, you were treated to the awesome Grambling Marching Band. You were also treated to a 52-0 halftime score. Ron Rivera’s nephew Bug came in during the second half and led the Bears with 92 yards receiving.

JF: Hey, it's not every Saturday you get to see someone score 70 points.

102. September 19 – Arizona 77 Northern Arizona 13

AK: 792 total yards for the Wildcats. Arizona had their third stringers and walk-ons in the game for most of the fourth quarter and the Wildcats still dropped another 21 points. Quarterback Jerrard Randall led the Wildcats with 142 yards rushing. On 3 carries. With two touchdowns.

JF: Rivalry game! Wait... no.