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Ranking the Pac-12 football games of 2015: 41-50 - weird games galore

Avinash Kunnath & Jack Follman continue to count down to the best Pac-12 football game of 2015.

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Check out part one:

50. November 14 – Arizona State 27 Washington 17

AK: Washington started this game on a 17-0 run and looked to be in complete control...until the Sun Devils responded with a 27-0 run to end it. The Huskies piled up over 500 yards of offense, but could not get the win because their drives after going up 17-0 went three-and-out, three-and-out, half, three-and-out, downs, missed field goal, three and-out, interception, interception, fumble, interception. One of those live-and-learn games for UW.

JF: Bizarre game where Washington dominated with a 17-0 opening that seemed like it should have been 35-0 but then absolutely folded and gave up 27 unanswered to create the final score.

49. October 3 – Oregon 41 Colorado 24

AK: Oregon was much closer to getting upset than you might realize. This game started with punt-interception-interception-fumble on the first four drives and Colorado actually held a lead at early points in this game. But eventually the Ducks realized they had Royce Freeman, and got touchdown passes from their walk-on third string quarterback and wide receiver Bralon Addison.

JF: This game was like watching a kid try to ride a bike that just couldn't quite figure it out. The Buffs had the Ducks on the ropes, but couldn't do enough offensively to keep the Ducks from pounding Royce Freeman away to a win by dominating the fourth quarter.

48. November 7 – Washington State 35 Arizona State 24

JF: This was another step in the Cougars proving they were an upper-Pac-12 team in 2015 as they won a convincing game over an Arizona State team that really needed the win.

47. September 11 – Utah 24 Utah State 14

JF: The Aggies slugged it out with their hated rival, but couldn't muster any offense in the second half and the Utes showed they are the toughest team in the state.

46. October 3 – Arizona State 35 UCLA 23

AK: When Todd Graham and Jim Mora have faced off, the road team has won the last four meetings. How weird is that. UCLA was asleep at the wheel offensively and crumbled against the Arizona State defense, only converting three first downs. Arizona State forced two UCLA safeties and got quick touchdowns to go ahead early and clinch it late. UCLA won the middle 23-20 and got outscored 18-0 in the first and fourth quarters.

JF: One of the stranger games of the year. A mostly docile Arizona State team came into the Rose Bowl and bullied UCLA at home, clamping down on the victory late by brutalizing the Bruins' defense.

45. September 5 – Northwestern 16 Stanford 6

AK: This game remains a mystery to everyone. This was not the same Stanford death machine that trampled through the Pac-12. Christian McCaffrey had only 89 yards and Kevin Hogan had a pedestrian game and Northwestern’s defense was paramount. The Wildcats had a solid season, but there were no signs of the Cardinal team we saw the rest of the season.

JF: Remember when this game officially signified Stanford coming back down to Earth under David Shaw?

44. November 21 – Arizona State 52 Arizona 37

AK: This year’s Territorial Cup featured three pick-sixes and touchdown passes of 95, 59, and 41 yards. 38 points were scored in a 14 minute stretch of the first half, and 35 points were scored in around the final ten minutes. All the flaws were apparent in both Arizona (defense!) and ASU (stop blitzing!), and the Sun Devils had the least amount of weaknesses to get the W.

JF: a fun Territorial Cup that was decided by pick-sixes in a game where both teams desperately needed the win.

43. December 27 – Foster Farms Bowl – Nebraska 37 UCLA 29

AK: Bruins, how did you forget how to defend the option? How do you stop scoring after pouring on 21 points on 21 offensive plays? How do you give up 326 rushing yards? How do you allow 30 unanswered points in a row to a 5-7 football team?  How???

JF: What the hell happened here? The Bruins got a 5-7 team in one of the Pac-12's best bowl slots in their home state and somehow lost. Maybe it was just Mike Riley getting his revenge on the Pac-12.

42. December 19 – New Mexico Bowl – Arizona 45 New Mexico 37

AK: Arizona's offense can win them any game, Arizona's defense can lose them any game. The Wildcats offense put them out front, but the Lobos kept on coming back. Still, it was a wire to wire win for the Wildcats.

JF: A nice little desert shootout here as Arizona won a quasi road game at New Mexico.

41. November 7 – USC 38 Arizona 30

AK: Arizona punched above their weight in the Coliseum, going up 14-0 and holding a lead in the 4th quarter! But the Wildcats could not finish drives (three field goals on the edge or just in the red zone), and the defense did their thing (conceding a 72 yard touchdown pass and a 74 yard touchdown run). USC had 7 yards of offense in the first quarter and 465 the rest of the game.

JF: The Wildcats damn near stole this one at USC and made the Trojans fight them tooth and nail in one of their best Pac-12 performances in 2015.