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Ranking the Pac-12 football games of 2015 - 31-40: Oregon's rivals just can't take them out

Avinash Kunnath & Jack Follman continue their countdown to the best Pac-12 game of 2015.

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40.   November 28 - USC 40 UCLA 21

AK: UCLA and USC played a pretty even game on the statsheet with both sides managing three offensive touchdowns, but the Bruins made all the mistakes, giving up a punt return to Adoree' Jackson, a fumble scoop touchdown by Rasheem Green, and two more Josh Rosen interceptions. The Bruins lack of execution in some various aspect of their game killed them weekly.

JF: USC finally broke through with some tough defense and took down the Bruins for the first time in a long time. This one was fun to see the joy on everyone involved with USC's face as they finally got back at the hated Bruins and locked up the South.

39.   September 3 - Hawaii 28 Colorado 20

JF: The opening week of Pac-12 play was a weird one and this was another testament to how bizarre as Colorado played a game that I think kicked off at like midnight mountain time or something and got upset by a very bad Hawaii team.

38.   December 5 - Stanford 41 USC 22 (Pac-12 Championship Game)

JF: This game was closer than it seemed when it ended as Stanford simply suffocated USC late and jumped out to a dominating early lead that I think caused a lot of people to tune out. Don't forget, USC was right in the thick of this early in the fourth quarter.

37. December 19 - Las Vegas Bowl - Utah 35 BYU 28

AK: The Utes were on pace to win 140-0 after the first quarter (five turnovers on the first five drives!), and then their offense completely died, allowing the Cougars to climb back into what felt like a total laugher. If BYU didn't play horrendous football in the first quarter it's hard to say what would have happened. Fun fun bowl game for everyone but the state of Utah.

JF: Loved seeing this rivalry game in sin city and loved seeing Utah jump out to a huge lead. Didn't mind seeing BYU fight back either as it made for one of the best Pac-12 bowl games this year.

36.   November 28 - Utah 20 Colorado 14

JF: The Buffs toughed it out in the cold with the Utes and came fairly close to pulling off a big upset that could have really helped their season, but isn't that Colorado's story almost every week?

35.   October 31 - USC 27 Cal 21

AK: Cal took an early lead and then proceeded to do nothing for the rest of the first half, conceding 24 points in a row to the USC ground game. The Bears tried to make up the deficit the remainder of the game but it was a very slow slog, and the Trojans held on to win a defensive minded game in Berkeley.

JF: Weird game where USC bounced back after an early Cal run, took the lead, but then almost blew it as the Bears challenged to get the game back. Not a bad one.

34.   October 17 - Notre Dame 41 USC 31

AK: This was an absolutely wild game. USC took a 10-7 lead, Notre Dame went on a 17-0 run, USC responded with a 21-0 run, and the Irish finished things off with another 17-0 run. The Trojans defense played well below their talent level all season, and this was another instance where a great USC offensive effort was not rewarded.

JF: The Trojans rallied without Sark and took Notre Dame to the wire in South Bend. This was fun, but frustrating to watch the Trojans just slightly underachieve yet again.

33.   September 3 - Utah 24 Michigan 17

AK: Michigan played Utah pretty well given all they had to work with, but the Utes stonewalled when they needed to and got the three crucial interceptions off of Jake Rudock (one a pick-six) to secure victory. All eyes were on Devontae Booker, so Travis Wilson used his legs along with his arm to move the Utes.

JF: A lot of buzz leading into this game as Jim Harbaugh opened up back in the Pac-12 in a match-up between two smashmouth teams that didn't disappoint as Utah won the game with big time defense.

32.   October 17 - Oregon 26 Washington 20

AK: The Ducks had to hang on to preserve their win streak against UW. Vernon Adams returned but wasn't totally healthy, and Oregon struggled to keep their offense moving after taking a 23-3 lead. Myles Gaskin and Jake Browning was able to move the football and bring the Huskies back in it, but the comeback came a little too late.

JF: Washington's offense was the only team all season to get frustrated by Oregon's defense and the return of Vernon Adams sparked Oregon's offense early to give them an early, commanding lead. The Huskies rallied late and had a shot to end their futile streak against Oregon, but just couldn't make it happen.

31.   November 27 - Oregon 52 Oregon State 42

AK: The Civil War became a secretly great game! The Ducks built a 31-7 lead, only to see their defense and special teams nearly blow it all and the margin shrunk to a field goal. Oregon held on with nearly 700 yards of offense. It was a promising finish to the season for the Beavers, who finally seemed like they had a functional rush attack going.

JF: I think everyone else was watching other games and definitely stopped paying attention when Oregon got up 31-7, but the Beavers came back cut it to a three-point game twice.