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Pac-12 bracketology 2/29: Could Oregon end up a one seed?

The Pac-12 NCAA Tournament takes focus with just one weekend of games left.

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Oregon 23-6 (12-4)

Seed: 2-3

Quality wins: Baylor, Valparaiso, Alabama, Cal, at Utah, USC, at Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Oregon State, Washington

Bad losses: UNLV

Remaining games: at UCLA, at USC

The Ducks should have a top three seed locked down as long as they don't lose their next three. They even have an outside shot at the one seed in the West but they are going to have to win both of their games in LA this week.

Utah 23-7 (12-5)

Seed: 3-5

Quality wins: San Diego State, Texas Tech, Temple, Duke, at Colorado, Oregon State, at Washington, Cal,

Washington, at USC, Arizona

Remaining games: Colorado

The Utes are surging at just the right time and climbing up the board. They have a shot at getting up to a two seed if they take care of business against Colorado and win the Pac-12 Tournament.

Cal 21-8 (11-5)

Seed: 5-7

Quality wins: Saint Mary's Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, Oregon State, at Washington, USC Bad losses: Richmond

Remaining games: at Arizona, at Arizona State

The Bears quickly went from bubble team to pushing past Arizona on the board and are now even challenging for a top three seed. They will have to prove they belong above the Wildcats in Tucson this week though.

Arizona 22-7 (10-6)

Seed: 5-7

Quality wins: at Gonzaga, Washington, Oregon State, at Washington, USC

Remaining games: Cal, Stanford

The Wildcats are stumbling down the stretch and falling down the board. I think they are still a lock, but they are not going to have a good seed if they keep losing games.

Colorado 21-9 (10-7)

Seed: 7-9

Quality wins: Oregon State, Oregon, Cal, Washington, Arizona

Remaining games: at Utah

I think Colorado locked themselves in with their win over Arizona. No one is going to hold not closing with a win against Utah against them, but getting a win or two in the Pac-12 Tournament could ensure they stay out of the 10-11-play-in range.

On The Bubble

USC 19-10 (8-8)

Seed: 8-10

Quality wins: Wichita State, Arizona, Washington, Colorado

Remaining games: Oregon State, Oregon

The young Trojans are running out of steam and are now at risk of falling out of the tournament. Their last week slate is a gift and a curse as they can lock themselves with nice wins against the Oregon schools are push themselves towards the edge.

Oregon State 17-10 (8-8)

Seed: 11-NIT

Quality wins: Tulsa, Oregon, Cal, USC, Utah, Colorado

Remaining games: at USC, at UCLA

The Beavers played their way into the field in my opinion with their miracle win over Washington. They close with a tough slate at the LA schools though and probably need to get at least one win this week to remain in.

Hanging By A Thread

Washington 16-13 (8-9)

Seed: NIT

Quality wins: Texas, USC, Colorado Bad losses: Oakland, UCSB

Remaining games: Washington State

Like USC, the Huskies are a young team that is running out of gas down the stretch. They may have said goodbye to their at-large chances with their brutal loss at Oregon State, but maybe they have a shot if they make it to the Pac-12 Tournament championship game.

Stanford 15-12 (8-8)

Seed: NIT

Quality wins: Utah, at Oregon State, Cal, Oregon, USC

Remaining games: at Arizona State, at Arizona

The Cardinal have barely stayed alive by protecting their home court and nice in-conference record. They will have to win both games on the road in Arizona this week if they want a shot at an at-large bid though.