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Pac-12 bracketology 2/9: Oregon challenging for two seed?

11 Pac-12 teams still have a shot at the tournament in mid-February.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Right on Track

Oregon 20-4 (9-2)

Seed: 3-4

Quality wins: Baylor, Valparaiso, Cal, at Utah, USC, at Arizona, Colorado, Utah Bad losses: UNLV

Toughest remaining game: 3/5 at USC

The Ducks are one of the hottest teams in the nation and could easily rise up to a two maybe even a one seed if they keep blazing down the stretch and win the conference/conference tournament. They are probably the only team at this point who could fall apart down the stretch and still make the tournament as well.

Arizona 19-5 (7-4)

Seed: 4-6

Quality wins: at Gonzaga, Washington, at Washington

Toughest remaining: 2/27 at Utah

The Wildcats just haven't seemed to put it all together yet. They are doing just fine, but are at risk of slipping onto the 7-10 seed line if they don't close out conference play well enough.

USC 18-5 (7-3)

Seed: 4-6

Quality wins: Monmouth, Wichita State, Yale, Arizona, Washington

Toughest remaining game: 2/14 at Arizona

I think a lot of people expected to USC to eventually start to fade, but that has not happened. They could easily get the conference's second-best seed when all is said and done.

Utah 17-7 (6-5)

Seed: 7-9

Quality wins: San Diego State, Temple, Duke, at Colorado, at Washington, Cal

Toughest remaining game: 2/21 at USC

The Utes are sailing a bit under-the-radar right now, but are still safely in the tournament in my opinion. They have nice non-conference wins and some nice in-conference wins as well.

Colorado 17-7 (6-5)

Seed: 8-10

Quality wins: Oregon, Cal

Toughest remaining game: 2/17 at USC

Another quiet team that is keeping themselves in the tournament field. The Buffs could really help their stock by beating another top Pac-12 team like Oregon again or they could easily slip onto the bubble.

On The Bubble

Washington 15-8 (7-4)

Seed: 9-play-in

Quality wins: Texas, USC, Colorado Bad losses: Oakland, UCSB

Toughest remaining game: 2/28 at Oregon

The Huskies have a stellar in-conference record, but unlike USC, they seem at risk for fading down the stretch as they have a tough schedule remaining. Two bad non-conference losses could hurt them as well if they end up on the bubble.

Cal 15-8 (5-5)

Seed: 11-NIT

Quality wins: Colorado, Utah, Arizona Bad losses: Richmond

Toughest remaining game: 3/3 at Arizona

I think the Bears are still barely in the field, but they have to stay consistent down the stretch or could get bounced. Getting a blowout over Stanford last weekend was huge for them in what was a must-win for both teams.

UCLA 13-10 (4-6)

Seed: Play-in-NIT

Quality wins: Kentucky, at Gonzaga, Arizona Bad losses: Wake Forest, at Washington State

Toughest remaining game: 2/12 at Arizona

Getting bounced by USC last week was brutal for the Bruins. They have a couple nice non-conference wins, but outside of a win over Arizona, they haven't done much in-conference.

Oregon State 14-8 (5-6)

Seed: NIT

Quality wins: Oregon, Cal, USC, Utah, Colorado

Toughest remaining game: 2/20 at Oregon

The Beavers got themselves back up to the heart of the bubble by sweeping the mountain schools last week. They actually have almost as many quality in-conference wins as almost anyone in the conference and their win over the Ducks looks really good right now.

Stanford 11-10 (4-6)

Seed: NIT-C tournament

Quality wins: Utah, Cal

Toughest remaining game: 3/5 at Arizona

The Cardinal are just about off the bubble at this point. They are going to have to make a major run down the stretch to have a shot at getting into the field.

Hanging By A Thread

Arizona State 13-11 (3-8)

Seed: C tournament - NIT

Quality wins: Texas A&M Bad losses: Sacramento State

Toughest remaining games: 2/17 at Arizona

The Sun Devils aren't completely dead yet. They could get onto the bubble if they can get to nine or 10 Pac-12 wins and impress in the conference tournament.