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College sports athletic department public revenue: Oregon and Washington lead way in Pac-12

Let's take a look at the rankings for each of these programs.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Note: Stanford and USC have chosen not to

1. Oregon Ducks ($105,701,523): Oregon keeps pole position in the Pac-12 arms race, building new state-of-the-art facilities and maintaining excellence in both their football and basketball programs.

2. Washington Huskies ($103,540,117): Washington is coming off a massive football stadium upgrade, so it makes sense that they have bolstered their revenue to offset the huge costs of such programs.

3. UCLA Bruins ($96,912,767): UCLA should be set to rise as they begin to make major capital investments in their athletic programs.

4. Arizona Wildcats ($87,135,331): The Wildcats are coming off a historic year in terms of winning the Pac-12 South in football and nearly making the Final Four. It's been good times all the time in Tucson.

5. California Golden Bears ($85,539,904): Cal spent a decent amount in basketball arena upgrades. Now the question is what happens next.

6. Arizona State Sun Devils ($84,440,040): Arizona State is getting set for a major football stadium overhaul for sure. The Sun Devils are rocking and rolling.

7. Colorado Buffaloes ($67,852,236): Colorado has to feel pretty good about being middle of the pack, as the basketball team has kept the Buffs in the right direction.

8. Oregon St. Beavers ($64,876,006): Oregon State's resurgence in basketball has been a welcome sign and has kept OSU from falling apart.

9. Utah Utes ($62,441,552): Utah's revenues remain modest despite upgrading the Huntsman Center and having major improvements in all their programs.

10. Washington St. Cougars ($54,112,604): Washington State will tend to be last on this list, with the smallest stadium in the Pac-12 and basketball attendance on an ebb.