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2016 post-spring Pac-12 QB battle breakdown: fierce battles all around the conference rage

Where do the numerous quarterback battles taking place in the Pac-12 this Spring stand coming out of spring practices?

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The Pac-12 is running wild with heated quarterback battles this spring, particularly at the conference's best and most-prestigious programs - Oregon, Stanford and USC. Now that the Spring dust has settled. Here's how I think the QB depth charts around the conference of teams with open competitions heading into Summer.


Arizona may not have entered Spring with an obvious quarterback battle, but Rich Rodriguez made it clear the starting spot is up for grabs and returning two-year starter Anu Solomon is going to have to prove he deserves to keep the job.

1. Anu Solomon 6'2 215 Jr. - I think Solomon did enough to hang onto the job heading into Summer. I honestly think RichRod is just trying to light some fire under him to try and get him to turn into the All-Pac-12 quarterback he could eventually become.

2. Brandon Dawkins 6'3 200 So. - Dawkins is a big part of why Solomon is going to have to sweat. He is a dynamic dual threat who didn't win the job in the Spring, but is going to make Solomon earn it in the Fall.

Arizona State

The Sun Devils have a wide open competition to replace Mike Bercovici and it might be the muddiest of any Pac-12 battle coming out of Spring.

1. Manny Wilkins 6'3 190 So. - 2015 back-up came in with the slimmest of leads and left with the same. The rangy athlete did enough in Spring to remain the favorite, but far from enough to officially win the job.

2. Bryce Perkins 6'3 215 rFr. - Perkins hung right there with Wilkins and is poised  to take the job if he can convince in the Fall.

3. Brady White 6'2 200 rFr. - He is listed at three, but he is right there with Wilkins and Perkins.


The Bears are trying to replace the soon-to-be top draft  pick in Jared Goff and it won't be easy as they have a young, unheralded field with no one who has truly set  themselves apart yet.

1. Chase Forrest 6'2 205 So. - Goff's 2015 back-up showed he deserves to fill the soon to be top draft pick's huge shoes. He's accurate and poised, just what Sonny Dykes needs to lead the Bear Raid.

2. Ross Bowers 6'2 190 rFr. - Bowers is right there behind Forrest giving him everything he wants and doing it with a little bit mobility than the leader.

3. Max Gilliam 6'2 195 Fr. - The true freshman held his own in Spring. He is right there if Bowers or Forrest slip up.

4. Zach Kline 6'2 215 Sr. - Kline was a interesting dark horse as the former blue chipper who got beat out by Goff, but hasn't shown that he is going to come back and win the job as a senior yet.


The Buffs' quarterback situation should be squared away with Sefo Liufau coming back as a senior, but it is unclear if he will be healthy for 2016 or will redshirt. Texas Tech transfer Davis Webb was expected to be the guy if Liufau isn't ready, but that is no longer clear coming out of Spring.

1. Sefo Liufau 6'4 230 Sr. - If Liufau is healthy, he is the guy, but there are no guarantees he will be ready.

2. Davis Webb 6'5 200 Sr. - The Texas Tech transfer looked like the guy should Liufau sit out, but he still hasn't officially shown up in Boulder and is visiting other schools, so we will see how it plays out.

3. Steven Montez 6'5 230 Fr. - The early enrollee made the most out of Liufau and Webb being out. He could end up taking the job as a true freshman if things break his way and maybe even if they don't.


The Ducks are right back to finding a new quarterback after one-year-wonder Vernon Adams. Like it was last spring, it is a wide open affair with a Big Sky grad transfer looking like the top candidate for now.

1. Dakota Prukop 6'2 195 Sr. - Prukop showed he probably isn't Adams this Spring as he far from won the job, but he showed he is an athletic playmaker who could excel in Oregon's system. He's probably the leader for now, but  he will need to make a bigger statement in the Fall to lock anything in.

2. Travis Jonsen 6'3 195 rFr. - The guy many around Oregon have hoped could eventually step up and take the starting job showed flashes in Spring and is right there with Prukop, but still needs to show a lot more to earn the job of being the true, in-program grown, long-term Mariota replacement.

3. Terry Wilson 6'3 195 Fr. - The electric true freshman from Oklahoma came in right away and pushed Jeff Lockie and Taylor Alie aside. He is a wildcard to win the job as a true freshman.

Oregon State

The Beavers were the only team to resolve their competition in the Spring as Utah State transfer Darell Garretson came in as the heavy favorite and quickly grabbed hold of the starting job.

1. Darell Garretson 6'0 205 Jr. - Garretson not only won the starting job but is a captain. He is the dual threat leader Gary Andersen needs to try and climb the Beavers up the Pac-12 ladder from the very bottom.


Many thought Keller Chryst was a slam dunk to replace Kevin Hogan heading into things, but things were interesting between him and 2015 back-up Ryan Burns this Spring.

1. Keller Chryst 6'5 235 Jr. - Burns gave Chryst everything he wanted, but the one-year younger player might have the slightest of edges going into Summer.

2. Ryan Burns 6'5 235 Sr. - Everyone counted Burns out going into Spring, but he showed why he was the back-up in 2015 and is neck-and-neck with Chryst to replace Hogan.


The Trojans are replacing yet another familiar Pac-12 quarterback in Cody Kessler and like their other Pac-12 brethren, don't necessarily have a golden nugget waiting in the wings. It showed in the Spring when neither of their leading candidates emerged as the leader.

1. Max Browne 6'5 220 Jr. - People forget Browne was arguably the top-rated quarterback in his class he sat behind Kessler for so long. He is an accurate passer who has shown a lot of poise, but just hasn't done enough to grab hold of the starting job. For now, he has a tiny lead over the younger Sam Darnold though.

2. Sam Darnold 6'4 215 rFr. - Darnold really made Browne sweat in the Spring, and even if I have Browne number one here, I might put my money on Darnlold actually winning the job in the Fall or at some point of the season. Darnold is at worst a hair behind Browne and Clay Helton might want to start a young quarterback to build for the future.


The Utes had a rather intriguing Spring as they tried to replace Travis Wilson, the incoming favorite, JC transfer Troy Williams missed almost all of the Spring with a sore arm so underdogs Brandon Cox and Tyler Huntley got their chance to shine.

1. Brandon Cox 6'2 205 Jr. - Cox came out with a chip on his shoulder and made the most of Williams' absence. He's the leader for right now as a well-rounded quarterback who can do it all who already looks comfortable in Utah's system.

2. Troy Williams 6'2 200 Jr. - The former Washington QB and JC transfer is an electric playmaker, but he was grounded this Spring with a sore arm. He still has a great chance at winning the job in the Fall, but he missed the opportunity to grab the job in the Spring and opened the door for Cox and Huntley.

3. Tyler Huntley 6'1 190 Fr. - The true freshman from Florida came into Spring quietly and left as a true player in the battle to replace Wilson. It's going to be tough to win it in the Fall, but he is really going to push Cox and Williams.