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On the Leicester City Scale of Odds, every Pac-12 team should win the 2017 NCAA Tournament - even Washington State

Leicester City just pulled the greatest upset in sports history by winning the British Premier League. Under the same "logic", Washington State is now bound to win the 2017 NCAA Tournament. Dream big, Cougars.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Sports miracles are the best kind of miracles.

Leicester City just wrote a new chapter in sports history. This little British soccer team, a few points away from being relegated last year, executed what nobody thought possible. Everything was stacked against them at the start of the season in August, but a combination of magic, heart and destiny put the Foxes on top of the best soccer league in the world.


These were the odds for Leicester City to win the British Premier League at the start of the season. Basically, they had no chance. They ultimately just won it. I am no expert in soccer but this team reached a new height in sports miracles.

How would this masterstroke compare to college sports?

Actually, it can't be compared. I am not kidding. No odds are listed beyond 2000-1 in both 2017 College Football Playoff and 2017 NCAA Men's Tournament winners. Just think about what Leicester City achieved for a minute.

On the Leicester City Scale of Odds, every Pac-12 team can win 2017 NCAA Men's Tournament. Washington State is viewed by Las Vegas as a 2000-1 outsider to win next year's college basketball championship. Earning the national title should be a piece of cake for Oregon (18-1), Arizona (20-1), UCLA (75-1), Arizona State (110-1), Utah (110-1) California (150-1), Colorado (200-1), USC (200-1), Oregon State (300-1), Stanford (500-1) and Washington (500-1), if we follow the same "logic".

All Pac-12 teams but Washington State can also dream of winning 2017 College Football Playoff Championship Game, according to Las Vegas. Colorado is the last Pac-12 team listed, facing 2000-1 odds.

Leicester City's miracle is a lesson to us all: keep dreaming. If Leicester City can be crowned BPL's champions despite incredible odds, Washington State can win next year's March Madness by a fair margin.

#Pac12AfterDark was made for a reason, y'all.