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Best/worst case scenario 2016 Oregon State football: bowl out of reach for Beavers?

What's the best and worst that could happen to Oregon State in 2016?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Best case 5-7 (3-6)

The Beavers could see a major turnaround in 2016 and test bowl eligibility. They don't have a ton of talent, but Gary Andersen is building a system there and year two frequently is the year a coach's true potential in a job shows up.

The biggest key will be if Darrel Garretson can take the reigns at quarterback and be the leader the Beavers need to start picking up the pieces. It would really help Garretson if the oft-injured Beaver offensive line can keep their wounds healed and make some progression. The defense was a mess in 2015, but if the offense can make some progress, it will really help keep the unit off the field and they are bound to see some improvement, especially as Andersen gets another to put in his system.

The Beavers have  a tough non-conference schedule which doesn't do them any favors, but they will beat Idaho State and could win either at Minnesota or at home against Boise State. That would set up the Beavers having to win four in-conference games to get to a bowl and I simply think that is too tall of an order.  If all goes absolutely perfectly, I think the Beavers could grab three. The games which look most winnable to them are getting Cal at home, a Pac-12 opener at Colorado and their closing games at home against Arizona in cold November and The Civil War which they are long, long overdue to win against what could be the most-vulnerable Duck team in 10 years.

Worst case 1-11 (0-9)

2015 was scary for the Beavers. They got absolutely hammered in nearly every Pac-12 game and their roster just doesn't quite shine with the raw talent many others in the Pac-12 do right now.

A tough non-conference slate could put the Beavers down 1-2 before they even hit Pac-12 play and they won't be favored in a single Pac-12 game going into the season. If they can't find a win in one of their first two conference games (at Colorado, Cal) things could get ugly.

Hopefully Andersen will get his team to improve across the board and find way to get wins, but it is entirely possible, if things go bad enough, the Beavers could have a one-win season and go without a win in the Pac-12 again.