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AP preseason top 25 poll has Stanford 8th, Washington 14th

Who is ranked?

Washington v Stanford Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Here’s the preseason AP Poll top 25.

8. Stanford Cardinal. Stanford comes in as the top Pac-12 team in the preseason poll. What can we expect them to do as the early favorite?

14. Washington Huskies. Washington receives their highest preseason AP Poll ranking for the first time in over a decade. Can they make do with lofty expectations.

16. UCLA Bruins. What is UCLA capable of this season? Can they actually get a Pac-12 championship in the Jim Mora era?

20. USC Trojans. USC is surprisingly low in the early preseason ranking for a team that is brimming with talent everywhere.

24. Oregon Ducks. It’s unusual to see Oregon nearly miss a preseason top 25, but here they are. They have to be happy being under the radar for once.

Here are teams that are just on the edge of the top 25.

28. Utah Utes. Utah has lost quite a lot, but they are getting a healthy amount of respect from the media here.

29. Washington St. Cougars. There are actual expectations for Wazzu! Can they deliver?

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Oklahoma
4. Florida State
5. LSU
6. Ohio State
7. Michigan
8. Stanford
9. Tennessee
10. Notre Dame
11. Ole Miss
12. Michigan State
13. TCU
14. Washington
15. Houston
16. UCLA
17. Iowa
18. Georgia
19. Louisville
20. USC
21. Oklahoma State
22. North Carolina
23. Baylor
24. Oregon
25. Florida