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College football rankings: Stanford, Washington, Oregon only top 25 Pac-12 teams

Everyone else is not ranked.

Virginia v Oregon Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Three Pac-12 teams are ranked after Week 2, and they all reside in the North.

Stanford Cardinal (7th in AP Poll, 6th in Coaches Poll): Stanford chose to go on a bye week and it paid off for them by staying in the top ten!

Washington Huskies (8th in AP, 9th in Coaches): Washington continues to look like a top ten team against weak competition.

Oregon Ducks (22nd in AP, 21st in Coaches): Oregon is in the top 25, but the toughness of their schedule is about to ramp up. They’ll have to play better.

Other teams receiving votes include...

Utah Utes (Tied for 26th in AP, 28th in Coaches): Utah probably would have gotten into the top 25 with a stronger performance, but an ugly win over BYU has many second-guessers.

UCLA Bruins (29th in AP, 30th in Coaches): The Bruins had a better showing this week, but they still have to fix some major inconsistencies.

Colorado Buffaloes (37th in AP, tied for 41st in Coaches): Colorado is getting top 25 votes! What a year.

Arizona State Sun Devils (Tied for 38th in AP, 39th in Coaches): Score tons of points and break FBS records and you will be rewarded.