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USC returns to form in Utah State trashing. Are the Trojans back?

USC looked mighty good in victory

NCAA Football: Utah State at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What do you make of USC’s dominant win over Utah State? What did you see that you liked? What needs to improve before next week?

Taylor Henry: I’ll be honest I didn't even watch the game. But USC should dominate Utah State.

Simeon Moses: This sums it up.

Gabey Lucas: I'll be honest I didn't either. And also agree that USC should dominate USU, but I would argue that USU is a better opponent than a lot of us would be inclined to give them credit for. So without having watched it and just having the score and some secondhand details to go off of I think that's still a sign for some tentative optimism for USC fans.

Tentative. Optimism.

Simeon: The real test is next week for USC. Playing Utah State is just a tune up. I feel sorry for USC though having to play two of their first games against top ten teams. That's a difficult start for any team.

Avinash: “I feel sorry for USC”. These words. You say them. But they don’t compute in my mind.

Travis King: After last weekend's embarrassing loss, USC heard about it all week. They needed to come out and win in the dominant fashion that they did. It was hard to find anything that went wrong defensively for the Trojans against Utah State, and special teams unit was solid as well. The offensive was improved, but still has a long way to go. It was good to see both Max Browne and Sam Darnold get 2 TD each, finding JuJu Smith-Schuster for 2 TDs. It will be interesting to see if USC moves forward with a consistent 2 QB red zone offense. The offensive line that was talked about all offseason has still not played as advertised. This will need to be much improved next weekend to help the running game and give Browne and Darnold time in the pocket.

Ryan Larson: Juju Smith-Schuster is really good. End of statement.