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Fan Voted Power Rankings

Where did your favorite team stack up?

Idaho v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

1. Washington

Another dominant game by the Huskies gets them a 2-0 start and the top of the power rankings.

2. Stanford

Bye week but they have a big game against USC at home. Stanford will look to set the tone in their first PAC-12 game.

3. Oregon

Things looked shaky at first against UVA but pulled things together and dominated in the end. Oregon has another tough non-conference game in Nebraska.

4. Utah

HOLY WAR! Utah played one of the most unwatchable games in a long time. But, they beat BYU in their big rivalry game and a win is a win.


More inconsistent play scared UCLA fan’s all around the country. A one score game into the fourth eventually became a three touchdown lead and gave them the win they really needed.

6. USC

I don’t know how USC is this high but I guess beating Utah State 45-7 is a nice thing.

7. Cal

Oh, so, so, so close Cal. They almost managed a win after being down by two possessions with two minutes left. But Davis Webb’s late pick ended hope of a miracle and has lead them to dark road.

8. Arizona State

Now why is Arizona State this low? I couldn’t tell you, scoring 68 points, having one player score eight touchdowns, all extremely impressive things. The defense giving up 55 points was expected but the team did what it had to do to win.

9. Colorado

Idaho State. Come on, Beating Idaho State is not impressive.

10. Arizona

Rich Rodriguez must have gave one hell of a half time speech. After being down against lowly Grambling State, UA scored 28 unanswered and pulled out a surprisingly close game.

11. Washington state

Oh, Wazzu. I feel so bad. Falling to Boise State 31-28 at Boise is an impressive loss. But it’s still a loss.

12. Oregon state

What’s up with Pac-12 teams scheduling Idaho State? Maybe this is why they miss the playoffs… Well it looks like it will be an easy victory next week for the Beavers.