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Pacific Takes Top 25 9/19: Cal moves into rankings

Stanford moves into the Top 4 and Cal jumps into the Top 25

NCAA Football: Texas at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Alabama 3-0

2. Clemson 3-0

3. Ohio State 3-0

4. Stanford 2-0 - The Cardinal certainly look limited across the board outside of Christian McCaffrey, but they have long been a program that isn’t flashy, but simply wins just about every game, and...they do have McCaffrey.

5. Louisville 3-0

6. Houston 3-0

7. Michigan 3-0

8. Michigan State 2-0

9. Wisconsin 3-0

10. Texas A&M 3-0

11. Washington 3-0 - The Huskies have been about as impressive as possible the first three weeks, but the competition has been abysmal so it’s hard to take too much away from it. They definitely look the part of a program ready to become elite though.

12. Georgia 3-0

13. Tennessee 3-0

14. Baylor 3-0

15. LSU 2-1

16. North Carolina 2-1

17. Miami 3-0

18. Nebraska 3-0

19. UCLA 2-1 - The Bruins continued to look flawed, but their resume isn’t too bad right now considering how inconsistent the whole country has looked. They look to be the best team in the Pac-12 South for the moment, at the very least.

20. Florida State 2-1

21. San Diego State 3-0

22. Cal 2-1 - Cal’s defense is still a trainwreck, but their offense looks like the best in the Pac-12 right now. They have the best win under their belt of any Pac-12 program and that close loss at San Diego State isn’t too much of a knock.

23. Oregon 2-1 - Yes, Oregon lost, but they lost at the last minute at a Top 25-program with their best player injured in the first quarter. The Ducks didn’t gain anything in Lincoln, but I don’t think they really lost anything either, for the time being.

24. Florida 3-0

25. Utah 3-0 - The Utes aren’t always pretty, but they have a proven formula and it got them to 3-0.

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Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Boise State, Arkansas