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Who do you think will win the Pac-12?

 Who is your pick to win the Pac-12 and why?

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Stanford vs Iowa Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Henry: Stanford. They have the best player in the conference, and one of if not the best coach. Nobody does more with less than Shaw, and he's proven he doesn't need a great QB to win games. Their defense will be good enough to keep them in games and McCaffery will get enough touches to make differences in games. Going to Oregon and to UCLA will be tough, but I still think they win the conference.

Gabey Lucas: Can we answer this question like four games into the conference? Urghhh cuz if Ryan Burns plays like he potentially can and Stanford survives their losses on the offensive line, Stanford likely; if USC's defensive line can outplay what peeps are expecting and Max Browne adapts quick and lives up to his potential (and they pull off a few upsets), then USC could do it; UCLA has the talent and line strength and secondary strength but I feel like Mora coaches too emotionally and so they often underplay their talent level; Washington could do it if their offensive line is gelling better as a unit and if Bush Hamdan as a WR coach is enough of an improvement over Brent Pease (I suspect he is) so that the receivers play tougher and with less drops; and I suspect Wazzu could outplay what people are expecting again because even with the loss of Luani and some peeps in the front seven, they're defense is underrated (not elite at all but you don't need that at Wazzu), as is their stable of running backs.

Soo.... Either 'Furd, USC (if they can pull some magic out of the..) Wazzu, Washington, or UCLA. Final answer. Ask me again by week five.

Taylor: You got to make a bold prediction! Before the season. Let it fly!

Gabey: But the other writers made me pick an actual winner, so I'll go with UCLA wins the south but USC beats them again (purely for the shock value, Bruins fans) and faces University of Washingford State Husdingars.

(Oh also Justin Trudeau returns a punt for a touchdown since I'm honorarily Canadian.)

Jose Bouquett: The UCLA Bruins will rise to the promise land and win the Pac-12. I know, I know, they always fall flat somewhere and disappoint. But this year is different. UCLA has one of the best quarterbacks in the entire country. They return nine starters on defense and have a very favorable home-away schedule. The game that decide their season will be week four matchup against the Stanford Cardinal. If they can come away with a victory at home against the Cardinal it’s smooth sailing till they face rival USC. If the Bruins play as they are able to then they will win the Pac-12 and potentially even contend for a playoff spot.

Owen Dillon: Stanford. While it seems like they don't have total confidence in Ryan Burns, he is exactly the guy they need right now. And the talent that they have surrounding him is just to good. They have the best player in the conference in Christian McCaffery, a great receiving corps led by Michael Rector, and a possible breakout star with Bryce Love. On the defensive side, it's business as usual for Stanford, as they have a physical, bruising front 7. Their secondary this year is possibly their strongest unit on either side of the ball. Stanford doesn't have many holes, and they have a great coach in David Shaw.