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Pac-12 TV Guide week four: A stellar week, top to bottom

Breaking down which Pac-12 games to watch this week and why.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Stanford Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Game of the Week - Stanford at UCLA 5pm ABC

This one has high potential to end up being a 14-10 slog based on how these teams have played this year, but there is so much at stake, it has to be the game of the week. These teams look like the favorites in their respective divisions for me and UCLA is due to finally break through against a Stanford program that has dominated them for years. I expect the Bruins to at least take this down to the wire in an early-season game with huge Pac-12 standing implications.

Dad’s Take: “Hi Paul? Hey it’s Jeremy, the father of your grandchildren. Can you do me a favor? Yeah I need to watch a football game, soooooo what do you say about putting the kids to bed?”

Mouth’s Take: The real game of the week. National TV. Prime time slot. Don’t fuck this up Pac-12.

2. USC at Utah (Friday) 6pm FOX Sports 1

The Trojans’ schedule is fierce. They get just six days to recover from a clubbing at Stanford to head to Utah and take on another powerful team which likes to bully you up front. The atmosphere in Salt Lake City will be lit on a Friday night as the Utes try to prove they are the frontrunner in the South and the Trojans will have their backs against the wall in what could be a huge game for Clay Helton’s job security. A lot at stake here in just mid-September.

Dad’s Take: Rubbernecking alert! I’ll distract the kids with an iPad so they don’t see a bloody Clay Helton lying on the field.

Mouth’s Take: Hate to agree with Dad here, but Pops is right. If SC left Kiffin on the tarmac at LAX, where are they going to leave Helton? My guess: the Salt Lake City Landfill ( A landfill has a website? What a glorious time to be alive.

3. Cal at Arizona State 7pm ESPN2

Over under 100 points right here and I’m taking the over. These two teams probably can’t stop each other so I’m expecting a 63-56 shootout after dark. This one is pegged for your next Pac-21 after dark instant classic as long as you are fine without seeing a scrap of defense.

Dad’s Take: I could waste three hours of my life watching the first three quarters of this game, OR I could take my wife out of dinner and catch the 4th + 2OTs. Hmmmm, yes I’ll have coffee with dessert.

Mouth’s Take: If you blink, you are going to miss points, FACT. This game is going to be everything that people love and hate about the Pac-12. This contest will have more points scored than the next ten Bama vs. LSU match-ups combined.

4. Washington at Arizona 7:30pm Pac-12 Networks

Ah, our first chance to see Washington play against a real team. The hype around the Top 10-ranked Huskies is astounding and they have looked the part, but they haven’t left home yet and haven’t played a real team. Their intro to Pac-12 play will be on the road against a questionable, but talented Arizona team who might have a new starter at quarterback. This one is on upset watch.

Dad’s Take: This game possesses no meaning unless Washington loses.

Mouth’s Take: The last time UW played a Pac-12 game ranked higher than their current AP #9 was November 10th, 2001. Fuck you guys (UW), for having sucked for a long time. It was also a road game and you (UW) lost, 49-24. Food for thought.

5. Colorado at Oregon 2:30pm Pac-12 Networks

This one got a little more interesting with Oregon losing at Nebraska last week and Colorado playing Playoff contender Michigan very well for most of the game on the road Saturday. Sadly, there is a good chance the Buffs will be without breakout QB star Sefo Liufau and that will make it really hard to compete at an Oregon team that is still a very good team.

Dad’s Take: This could be the best game of the week if Sefo Liufau plays—too bad it’s on the Pac-12 network. I’ll be listening to Jerry Allen in one ear, and a screaming baby in the other.

Mouth’s Take: CU is BACK!!!! The most anticipated game for CU since……someone help me out here: @TigerFromJungle.

6. Boise State at Oregon State 12:30pm FOX Sports 1-

This is a nice week if this if the worst game on the schedule. This is a huge chance for the Beavers to announce their return to competition if they can beat a beatable Boise State team at home. The Beavers showed they can compete at Minnesota in their opener, now I think they show can do it on a consistent basis and maybe even beat a very good mid major in Corvallis.

Dad’s Take: It’s a weak “nap time” slate on Saturday. I’ll watch because this is the most appealing OSU game until the Civil War.

Mouth’s Take: I forgot OSU plays football. Huh, who knew? Is this something you do every Saturday? Or is it more of a whim thing, like when you only have enough people? Reply to @TigerFromJungle.

Jeremy (Dad) and Mouth host the Pacific Takes Podcast.