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What are the chances the Pac-12 makes the playoff?

Lots of teams in the mix.

Portland State v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Taylor Henry: After watching the dumpster fire that is the Big 12, and seeing that the SEC is weak after their top 3-4 teams, I think the Pac-12 chances to get in got exponentially better. Stanford has impressed me the most to this point, they play sound football and they've been tested. It'll be interesting to see how Washington handles the pressure when they play a real team. The Pac-12 will beat each other up, but it's not out of the realm to think a 2 loss champion could get in, especially if Louisville beats Houston and wins out.

simeonmoses: I think better than a 50% chance a Pac-12 team makes the playoff. A one loss Stanford or UW team has a good shot. An undefeated Pac-12 team is guaranteed in my mind.

josebouquett: I only see three times that have even a remote chance of making it and that's UCLA, UW and Stanford. All good teams all teams that could beat each other during the season.

Andy Burnett: Better than 3 weeks ago. Oklahoma and TCU fighting an uphill battle at this point.

Jose: Honestly I think the road to the playoffs for the PAC-12 goes through the rose bowl because UCLA has so many home games against the conferences best. Next week will decide a lot.

Simeon: I think Alabama, Michigan and Louisville looking good to make it. Last spot will go to Pac-12 if Stanford or UW run the table.

Taylor: You like Michigan over Ohio State?

Simeon: I do like Michigan over Ohio St. How can you beat a man willing to eat his own boogers?

Andy: Pac-12 will get in with a one loss team.

Taylor: Because Michigan isn't that good. Not a lot of playmakers on offense. And serious? At QB?

Jack Follman: My instant reaction is to say very low because no one has really impressed when it matters much this year, but this is as weak of a year up top nationally as I can remember and contenders from other power conferences are dropping like flies. I could see a team getting in with two losses this year and I think the committee will have to (at least I hope) give the Pac-12 some credit this year since a team didn't get in last year. Stanford looks like the only team I could realistically see making it happen, but I would love to see them turn up their game a notch in the next couple of weeks.

Jose: Wouldn't be shocked if a one loss SEC team made it over a one loss P12 team.

David (DC23AZ): I think a one loss Pac-12 champion gets in for sure. Hard to imagine that being anyone other than UW or Stanford at this point. Impossible to say that a two loss champion has a shot because that would 100% rely on how other conferences look. A two loss Pac-12 team isn’t getting in over a one loss team from another Power 5 conference, I would imagine. And that is even if the one loss team doesn’t win their conference.

Andy: Committee heavily weighs conference champions. I would be shocked if a non-champ makes the playoff.

Travis King: I think its pretty high. If Stanford can run the table, which is no easy task, they should be in with out much pushback. The Big 12 is steadily eliminating itself from contention. Its an extreme long shot that a non power 5 team gets in ahead of a no or one loss Pac-12 team.

Taylor: So hot take question of the day off this, if Houston wins out are they in?

Travis: Not if Stanford or Washington wins out. Outside of that - anything is possible.

Tayor: 4 one loss champions and Houston undefeated. Is Houston in over a one loss champ?

Andy: Nope. A 2-loss champ maybe. Houston will have 2 quality wins once they finish their schedule. SOS as a whole won't be good enough to get in.

Still think CFP committee weighs body of work - Houston will be in the #90+ in SOS by end of season, which is worse than Iowa's SOS last year.But I'm also a pessimist when it comes to mid-majors vying for a shot at a Natty (Utes 2004, 2008)