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Who’s your Pac-12 South favorite? Can the UCLA Bruins return to the top?

Who is your current favorite to win the Pac-12 South?

UCLA v BYU Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Taylor Henry: UCLA. There's really no good choice. But I feel like Josh Rosen can't possibly continue to play so carelessly. He's got to get the offense going to help out. I think Utah is good. But their offense is too anemic in the P12 conference to win a shootout, which could occur on the road.

Simeon Moses: UCLA has the tools to run the table or be a two loss team if they can execute. You know who isn't going to win...USC. They are toast.USC likely to lose at least 2 more games

Gabey Lucas: Agree almost verbatim with Taylor. Utah has the defense to keep them in any game, so if their offense can grow over the course of the season then they could challenge UCLA. Otherwise I'm going with UCLA but they're not gonna look pretty doing it.

Simeon: I would say Utah in 2nd but the turnover bonanza in the Holy War gives me serious doubts they can win the South. Gabey is right about UCLA winning ugly. But the man with one eye in the land of the blind is king. The Pac-12 South is practically a school for the blind this year metaphorically.

Jeremy Baird: Chiming in late, but UCLA is the clear favorite for their defense alone. Their offense leaves something to be desired but I feel like each team has a weak side of the ball.

Jose Bouquett: Only thing about this is: Chosen Rosen.

Alois Piet: I think UCLA is the likeliest team to win the P12 South but I also feel they are going to blow a game and miss on the title. Utah and ASU are the best challengers to UCLA, in my opinion.

Nico Gervasoni: UCLA is the best of a middling to good bunch. You could talk me into thinking all 6 (yes, even USC) having a shot, but I think UCLA's schedule is most conducive to a title. They catch Stanford, Utah and USC at home, and the toughest road game in conference looks to be a trip to Boulder on a Thursday night. As long as Takkarist McKinley and Eddie Vanderdoes stay healthy, their defense can pick up the offense's slack for the season.

Both Arizona schools are still looking for credible defenses, Utah doesn't have the offense and USC is ????. I would love to see Colorado win it, and I think they'll make a bowl game, but if Sefo Liufau continues to get beat up, I don't think they'll quite make it. Make it as in win the Pac-12 South.

Jose: Stanford-UCLA is a Pac-12 championship preview. Gonna be fun.