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Pacific Takes Top 25 9/26: Arizona State & Colorado in the Top 25

Six Pac-12 teams in our Top 25.

NCAA Football: Colorado at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Alabama 4-0
  2. Clemson 4-0
  3. Ohio State 3-0
  4. Stanford 3-0 - That was a gutty win for Stanford at a very good UCLA team. Their offense looked extremely limited outside of Christian McCaffrey again, but their defense looked a lot better than it did last year again.
  5. Louisville 4-0
  6. Houston 4-0
  7. Michigan 4-0
  8. Wisconsin 4-0
  9. Texas A&M 4-0
  10. Washington 4-0 - The Huskies passed their first real test of the season at Arizona, but only by the slimmest of margins. We will find out if the Huskies are for real Friday at home against Stanford.
  11. Tennessee 4-0
  12. Baylor 4-0
  13. Miami 3-0
  14. Nebraska 4-0
  15. San Diego State 3-0
  16. Utah 4-0 - The Utes beat a USC team that came out with their backs against the wall and gave them a hell of a game. It looks like the Utes may be more dangerous on offense this year than in years past and that could go a long ways in the chase for the Pac-12 South crown.
  17. Florida State 3-1
  18. Michigan State 2-1
  19. Mississippi 2-2
  20. Auburn 2-2
  21. Georgia 3-1
  22. Arizona State 4-0 - The Sun Devils have wins against Texas Tech and Cal and that’s pretty good for this early in the season. Their defense may be fairly sketchy, but they look like they can score with anyone this season.
  23. Texas 2-1
  24. Colorado 3-1 - Yes. I’m ranking the Buffs. The field is very unproven after the first nine teams in my opinion, so why not? They bashed Colorado State, gave Michigan a game on the road and won at Oregon, that’s pretty good so far for this season.
  25. UCLA 2-2 - The Bruins have lost a tight game at Texas A&M in overtime and to Stanford in the final moments. Right now they are ranked based on losing performances, which isn’t great, but it’s still something.

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Boise State, LSU, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Florida