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Pac-12 TV Guide week five: Stanford versus Washington equals TGIF

Stanford and Washington kick off the week with a North showdown.

NCAA Football: Washington at Stanford Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Game of the Week - Stanford at Washington (Friday) 6pm ESPN

This is judgement day in the North and for Washington in general. Stanford can set themselves out as the runaway favorite in the North and the entire Pac-12 with a win and Washington can prove that all the off-season and early-season hype was deserved by beating Stanford. I’m not sure who will win, but I have a feeling we will see a game similar to the one Stanford played at UCLA last week with a lot of defense and where every play is important because yards and points are at a premium.

Dad’s Take: As the great Joe Kane once said “Let’s put the women and children to bed and go looking for dinner.” Look it up millennials:

Mouth’s Take: One team deserves the hype due to multiple Pac-12 titles and a couple of Heisman finalists, the other team has averaged 7 losses over the last ten years. One team in a route.

2. Utah at Cal 3pm Pac-12 Networks

This isn’t the unexpected high-profile showdown it was last year, but it is still a very nice match-up with major implications. Who will win out? Utah’s stingy defense or Cal’s Bear Raid? It will be very interesting to see how this game is played. Also, an important game for both teams. Cal needs to win to avoid an 0-2 hole and Utah needs to win to remain a serious contender to win the conference.

Dad’s Take: This actually might be worth the five mile trip to Berkeley to see Davis Webb run for his life. BONUS: Children under 2 are free!

Mouth’s Take: California versus Utah, the last time they met, Prop 8 won and equality lost. This time, just Utah wins.

3. Arizona State at USC 5:30pm FOX

The must-wins of all must-wins for the Trojans. The Sun Devils are 4-0 and the Trojans are 1-3, but the Trojans are probably the favorites here and should be able to score against the ASU defense, but who knows what USC will bring to the table at this point. A very unpredictable game here in my opinion.

Dad’s Take: Clay Helton’s execution brought to you by Fox. I hope Hannity is doing the post-game.

Mouth’s Take: I'm actually picking Clay Helton in this fight. USC gets smoked, but a despondent Helton shivs Todd Graham during the post-game handshake. Helton finally gets a win, and a stint in Folsom.

4. Arizona at UCLA 7:30pm ESPN

The other Arizona vs. LA school game is another good one. The Bruins defense looks legit and they should be focused for a must-win home game against an Arizona squad that almost upset Washington last week. Watch to see what new Arizona QB Brandon Dawkins can do against UCLA’s defense after dark.

Dad’s Take: There is no way I’m staying up to watch UCLA suffocate Rich Rod’s offense.

Mouth’s Take: Arizona already got their win during football season, it came in the form of #1 basketball recruit DeAndre Ayton. Arizona Football’s streak of never winning the “Pac-Anything” continues.

5. Oregon at Washington State 6:30pm Pac-12 Networks

Remember when this looked like a potential Top 25 match-up going into the season? Now it’s a game between teams with a combined record of 3-4 and an afterthought. This game is hugely important for both teams though so I think it will be another tight one between the Cougars and Ducks. The Ducks need to win to avoid a putrid 0-2 conference start and the Cougars need to avoid an overall 1-3 start which makes a bowl game a tough task.

Dad’s Take: Touchdown. Touchdown. Turnover on downs. Touchdown. Touchdown. Pick six. Onside kick. Touchdown...I’m going to need an Ambien after this one.

Mouth’s Take: Welcome to the Pacific Takes Podcast Bowl!! Dad’s pick for P12-N versus Mouth’s pick for the P12-N. Does this mean we know JACK? Possibly. Probably. Yes.

6. Oregon State at Colorado 11:30am Pac-12 Networks

Holy crap, the Buffs get the best game possible to follow up their win at Oregon. The Beavers are better than they were last year, but the Buffs are a lot better than they were last year and should be very up for this game to inch themselves closer to bowl eligibility and show that last week’s win wasn’t a fluke.

Dad’s Take: I’m not wasting my time with CU until they play on a real network.

Mouth’s Take: So it looks like OSU has got enough guys to suit up a team for the second week in a row!!! Will they be the same guys from last week? Yes? CU wins consecutive conference games for the first time since the Clinton Administration.

Dad and Mouth host the Pacific Takes Podcast.