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Pac-12 Football Week Four Power Rankings

Pac-12 football is here, let us rejoice!

Stanford v UCLA Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

1. Stanford (4-0)

Stanford saved their top ten ranking this week with a game-winning drive against UCLA. This week will tell us who the Cardinal really is as they face No. 10 Washington in enemy territory.

2. Washington (4-0)

Remember what I said about Stanford? Triple that and you will have what Washington is dealing with this week. A close victory over Arizona did not impress anyone and if they could take down Stanford they would make a statement across college football.

3. Utah (4-0)

Another close victory for the Utes has lead them to impressive 4-0 start. Albeit they beat a very poor USC team, Utah will take the victory and look forward for a tricky matchup against Cal.

4. Colorado (3-1)

Ralphie!! It has been awhile since we’ve seen Colorado this high on Pac-12 Power Rankings. An upset win at Oregon impressed the nation and might be a sign that Ralphie is here to compete in the Pac-12 south.

5. UCLA (2-2)

Always the bridesmaid never the bride. UCLA took another tough defeat at the hands of Stanford. For a 2-2 team, UCLA has impressed but the 2-2 record still looms large for the Bruins as they host Arizona this week.

6. Oregon (2-2)

Oh, sweet, sweet Oregon. At the end of season that lost to Oregon could really look ugly. But at least their Duck Uniforms looked nice, right?

7. Arizona State (4-0)

I honestly don’t know how we got here, but ASU is 4-0. They picked up a high scoring victory against Cal and the team looked much improved from last week’s almost debacle against UTSA.

8. Cal (2-2)

Highs and lows for the Cal Bears. Last week, they impressed everyone and beat No. 11 Texas, now they’re losing to Arizona State. But scoring 41 points is always nice.

9. Arizona (2-2)

Arizona had a chance to make a huge statement but taking down Washington last week. But, they couldn’t finish the job in overtime leaving the team and its fan with a bad taste in their mouths.

10. USC (1-3)

Let the dumpster fire of a season continue. USC lost its third game of the season and their second conference game. The clock is ticking for Coach Helton, slowly but surely.

11. Washington State (1-2)

An extra week to prepare for a team is always beneficial for a team. And with Oregon coming to their place, it seems like all the ingredients for an upset special.

12. Oregon State (1-2)

The Beavers looked good against Boise State but ended up with another defeat. They could show the entire conference that they are to be taken seriously if they can pull the upset at Colorado this week.