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Pacific Takes Week 2 Picks

NCAA Football: Las Vegas Bowl-Brigham Young vs Utah Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
Last Week's Record 5-2 4-3 4-3 3-4 4-3 4-3 1-6 5-2 3-4 2-5
Season Record 5-2 4-3 4-3 3-4 4-3 4-3 1-6 5-2 3-4 2-5
Name Taylor Henry Ryan Larson Jose Bouquett Gabey Lucas Eli Boettger Jack Follman Owen Dillon Simeon Moses Dave Colangelo Travis King
Kentucky at Florida Florida- McElwain can coach, he'll have the Gators ready. They'll score just enough to beat Kentucky. Florida- Kentucky lost a game against Southern Miss after giving up 30 straight points. Florida only beat UMASS by 17. I don't know which game was sadder. Florida- Kentucky lost to Southern Miss last week. Boob Stoops, what are you doing in Kentucky? Florida wins big. Florida- Dude, Seriously? Although after last week I'm scared to pick any favorite to win easily. Florida 24-16. Florida- The Gators should return to form against a lesser SEC team. Florida- The Gators were not impressive in week 1, but Kentucky wasn't either, losing to Southern Miss at home. It could be a long year for the Wildcats. Florida- Kentucky was abysmal last week, and there's no way they beat this Florida team. The Gators aren't a "great" team, but they're significantly better than Kentucky. Florida- Florida is ok, Kentucky is worse. Florida- One of my few rules in life is if you lose to Southern Miss by 9 at home, I won't pick you to win at the swamp the next week. This applies here. Florida- Kentucky just doesn't have the talent that Florida does. This should be a good day for the Gators. Florida, but a lot.
Arkansas at TCU TCU- Arkansas will run the ball, and keep it close, but TCU pulls away in the 4th quarter. TCU- Do you know what the cure for a bad defense is? Playing a really bad offense! Arkansas fits that diagnosis perfectly for TCU. I should have become a doctor. Arkansas- Arkansas is going to stuff the ball down TCU's throat. TCU's defense allowed South Dakota State to stay close through most of the game. Arkansas is a little better than SDSU TCU- Its scary that TCU gave up 41 points to an FCS team. It wouldn't blow my mind if the Razorbacks were able to get the upset. I'm going with TCU with the caveat that they only win if their defense picks it up. TCU- There is a very serious possibility of an upset, but TCU is usually rock solid at home. Horned Frogs get it done. TCU- Arkansas barely escaped La Tech last week, so I think they'll have a tougher time this week. The Horned Frogs have the defense to lock up the Hogs and keep it a low scoring affair they can grind out. Arkansas- TCU barely escaped with a win last week, but I don't think they'll wake up against the Hogs. TCU just isn't as good as last year, and I think Arkansas can pull off the upset. TCU- TCU's spread offense is too good. TCU- Opposites collide. I'll take Kenny Hill and the Horned Frogs to get it done through the air at home. TCU- Arkansas will look to run the ball often and eat clock, keeping TCU's electrifying offense off the field. It won't be enough, Horned Frogs by two scores.
BYU at Utah Utah- Nobody is giving BYU a chance, but Taysom Hill can play. they'll come up just short, but much closer than the experts think. Utah- "Looks around at all the Ute gear, Checks Umail account, opens phone with Utah Football wallpaper, puts on Muss Shirt. Picks Utah." Go Utes. Utah- The Holy War is an underrated rivalry in college football. The trolling and hate is real between these two teams. Utah wins this game with a final drive or field goal. Utah- The Utes get the Holy War win for the second year in a row. They'll gel more on offense, but BYU will put up a big fight. 27-24 Utah. BYU- This one could go either way. Taysom Hill has a big day for the Courgars in the Holy War. Utah- the Utes defense will snuff out a BYU offense that scored less than 20 last week against AZ. Expect Troy Williams and the Utah offense too do a little more as well. Utah- In this years Holy War, Utah will take it again. BYU has some of the cleanest jerseys in the country, but what they have in the fashion game they lack in real game. Utah wins Big. Utah- Low scoring game but Utah will get the edge with home field advantage. Utah- Utah has the defense to contain Taysom Hill, plain and simple. Low scoring, close game, Utah gets the W. Utah- Ah, the Holy War, one of the best rivalries in college football. This game will come down to the wire, maybe even overtime. Utah in a close one.
Virginia Tech Vs. Tennessee (Bristol) Tennessee- After the scare last week, Tennessee won't lay another egg. They'll be ready. Expect a heavy dose of Jalen Hurd to wear down the VT defense. Tennessee- This game is being played at a NASCAR track, so when in doubt, roll with the school that seems more redneck. VT has "tech" in the name, so I'm guessing Tennessee is the right answer here. Tennessee- The Battle at Bristol has been talked about between the two fan bases for months. Bets have been made and smack talk has been exchanged. Tennessee wins, but close, by 10. Virginia Tech- I'm taking VT although I have no reason to do so. They have a new coach but you have to take at least one risk per week right? Right guys? 24-21 Tennessee and I'm already regretting this pick. Virginia Tech- Tennessee will be on a huge stage in this Bristol Showdown. Butch Jones usually folds in big games. Tennessee- The Vols struggled against App State last week but I think that could serve as a wake up call. Plus, I don't think VT is a great team this year. Tennessee- The Vols will take this one. They barely beat App State last week, but I think that game will serve as the swift kick in the pants that they needed. Virginia Tech- Tennessee looked like pure garbage last week. Tennessee- The Volunteers wake up this week and realize the season has, in fact, begun. Tennessee- The Vols are coming off an embarrassing week 1 performance against App State. They will come out and make a statement that last week doesn't represent who they are. Tennessee wins in front of a record crowd at Bristol.
Texas Tech at Arizona State Texas Tech- Todd Graham underachieves every year. Mahomes airs it out, and the Tech defense does just enough to get the win. Texas Tech- The only loser in this game will be people who believe that defense is important in football. Also, ASU. Texas Tech- Texas Tech is going to roll. ASU is not an impressive ball club and Mahomes is going to throw the ball all over the yard. Kliff Kingsbury is alsoa beautiful man so that helps too. Texas Tech- ASU blitzes a stupid amount and that'll make it easy for TTU and the air raid to focus on quick passes. This plays right into the Red Raiders hands. 45-30 Tech. Texas Tech- Winner will score 50+. I think that team is the Red Raiders. Fun matchup. ASU- The Sun Devils has the power to get it done at home. Their defense will be able to gamble a couple of times, leading to a couple of turnovers into big scores. ASU- Neither of these teams are particularly great, but I think ASU is a stronger team this year than people give them credit for, and they should bring a great crowd out to this game. Texas Tech- Patrick Mahomes is the real deal air raid master, not Luke Falk. Texas Tech- Patrick Mahomes reintroduces himself to the country with this game, putting on an absolute show in a shootout win against ASU. Texas Tech- Patrick Mahomes is one of the top 5 QB's in the nation, and he leads a very explosive offense. This game will be very high scoring, with the Red Raiders coming out on top.
Washington State at Boise State Boise State- Nobody goes into the blue turf and beats the Broncos. The Pirate walks the plank, starts the year 0-2. Boise State- Both Eastern Washington and Boise State play on field's that aren't green like a normal field (Red and Blue). Clearly, WSU can't handle that break from tradition. Boise State- Poor Wazzu. The Pipes are calling for an 0-2 start. Boise State will win by double digits and this game won't even be close. Boise State- This is trickier than people say. Wazzu has the talent to turn it around. Boise State has the better morale after the week one 1, 48-42 Broncos. Boise State- This game has lost most of it's appeal after WSU was upset in its opener to FCS Eastern Washington. Boise sneaks past Wazzu. Boise State- It's very hard for non-conference teams to win in Boise. The Cougs will bounce back from an FCS loss, but just not enough to win on the road. WSU- I still believe in Falk. I still believe in Falk. I still believe in Falk. I should probably not believe in Falk anymore, but hey, why not right? Boise State- The Cougs lost to an FCS team last week. WSU- The Cougars rebound behind another big stat day for Luke Falk. Close game, Boise State just can't score enough in the end to keep up. WSU- If you've seen any video of Mike Leach angry, you likely got a look at the Cougs postgame locker room last week. Mike Leach rights the ship and beats the Broncos.
Cal At San Diego State SDSU- Cal's defense is horrendous. Webb will throw a pick late that costs the Bears the game. SDSU- SDSU might be one of the three best teams in the state of CA. Cal is definitely not one of the three best in CA. Also, I think I once read a myth about Aztecs hunting down Golden Bears. Cal- The only upset I have on this slate of games. Cal somehow finds a way to win this game. If you asked me how, I couldn't give you a good answer, but Davis Webb finds a way. Cal- SDSU seems to be the trendy pick, and I understand why. My gut keeps telling me SDSU because Cal's defense is awful, but I still think Cal score's at will. My instincts scream "SDSU SDSU" so Cal 45-35. SDSU- Aztecs will pound the ball with Pumphrey and Call won't be able to slow him down. SDSU picks up a pivotal victory. Cal- SDSU is a nice mid-major this year, but I think Cal still has the offensive firepower to turn this game into a shootout and score the most points. Cal- Cal's offense will put up a whole bunch of points (per usual), and the defense should be good enough. This will be a tight one though, SDSU plays a unique defense the Bears haven't seen before. Cal- Davis Webb looked solid and ready to pull the upset in San Diego. Cal- Cal pulls off the road upset after having a week off to prepare. Hopefully Cal spent that week figuring out how to slow down Donnel Pumphrey SDSU- Cal's Davis Webb is a good player, but he can't do it all. Cal didn't look great in their opener against Hawaii, giving up 482 yards to a bad team. SDSU will force turnovers, something Hawaii wasn't able to do.