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Arizona State Dominates the Utah Utes

ASU dominates in every sense of the word at Utah

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NCAA Football: Arizona State at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes all you need is a big win against a big team to gain the confidence that you need to make a season a memorable one. The Arizona State Sun Devils could be on that path after their dominating win at Utah.

Arizona State beat Utah 30-10.

At the same time, the Sun Devils raised more eyebrows in terms of what they are doing the last couple of weeks.

Is Arizona State for real?


However, for the time being lets focus on the game with the Utah Utes.

In every sense of the word, the Sun Devils bullied the Utah Utes around the football field today.

Utah couldn’t do anything against the Sun Devil defense.

Well, there was one thing the Utes could do against the Arizona State defense. Turn it over to the Devils.

Utah quarterback, Tyler Huntley, threw four interceptions. Two of the interceptions were returned for touchdowns.

The defense that defensive coordinator, Phil Bennett, has been implementing has taken shape the last couple of weeks against Washington and Utah. Coming into this year the defense of the Sun Devils was looked at as something that would contribute to another season of mediocrity or even a dismissal of head coach Todd Graham.


People have to reconsider that thought.

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Sun Devil held the Washington Huskies to a season low seven points. Arizona State made the powerful Husky offense look confused and very average. This week, it took the Utah Utes and their young quarterback Tyler Huntley to school.

The Sun Devil defense held the Utes to 265 total yards. The Utes ran 15 less offensive plays, had the ball for 13 minutes less than ASU, had four turnovers, and were only 3-10 on third down.

You combine all that together, you lose. You lose big.

Arizona State is in the middle of gauntlet of games that many people thought would be the downward spiral of the Sun Devil season.

Not so much now Sun Devil fans.

Last week they beat Washington, this week they demolished the Utes, next week the Trojans come to Tempe. Right now, the Devils are looking at possible sweep of three of best teams in the Pac-12 Conference.

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

In the 2016, Sun Devils were 0-3 against these same three teams. At worst, the Sun Devils are going to be 2-1 with these same three teams in 2017.

It’s going to be a tough game next week with the Trojans, but the confidence that the Sun Devils are playing with right now is something that is tough to game plan against. The Trojans have had their own issues this season. It, begs the question.

What will Arizona State defensive coordinator Phil Bennett be drawing up to attack the talented Trojan offense?

Sun Devil fans have to wait a week to find out, but the anticipation is already growing in Tempe and around the rest of the Pac-12 Conference.