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UCLA vs Washington: Temperatures are Rising

NCAA Football: Oregon at UCLA Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t think there is anything I am less excited for than this Saturday when the UCLA Bruins travel to Seattle to play the No. 12 Washington Huskies.

So, let’s run through all the reasons why UCLA is going to get absolutely pummeled by Washington on Saturday. Currently, the defense is ranked 121st out of 129 teams which is absolutely awful. Three teams with better defenses according to the total defense stat, Old Dominion, North Texas and Kansas. Kansas football has a better defense than UCLA. That by itself is should get Jim Mora and the entire coaching staff fired. The Huskies are second in total defense only behind the juggernaut that is Alabama. That does not inspire confidence at all especially on the road which, UCLA has not been able to find any success in. UCLA is currently 0-3 on the road with loses at Memphis, at Stanford and at Arizona. UCLA is outmatched on defense and it’s going to be ugly to see what quarterback Jake Browning does to them. A 50-point outing is entirely possible for the Huskies and every time Washington has the ball you should expect a touchdown.

The fun doesn’t end there, Josh Rosen is facing his toughest test of the season. Chosen Rosen had a good, not great, performance against Oregon last week. To even contend with the Huskies, Rosen has to play damn near perfect to even keep UCLA in the game. The away atmosphere in Husky Stadium is the toughest to play in the entire conference. They have rowdy fans and a defense that can throw their fans into a frenzy with a well-timed turnover. I am terrified for Rosen’s health and well-being and if UCLA can get him home safely in once piece then this game will not be completely awful. The clock for Jim Mora is slowly starting to tick down and his hot seat is going to explode at some point. With the most difficult portion of UCLA’s schedule coming Mora has to win at least two games to have a chance of making a bowl. If he can’t win these games then his time at UCLA is over.

Washington is going to hammer UCLA this week. I am genuinely not excited to watch this game and if by some miracle UCLA can keep this game decently close then I will be astonished. Washington dominates, 45-17.