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Pacific Takes Top 25 11/20: Three Pac-12 teams in Top 15

The Pac-12 is inching back towards the Top 10

NCAA Football: UCLA at Southern California Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Alabama 11-0
  2. Miami 10-0
  3. Oklahoma 10-1
  4. Clemson 10-1
  5. Wisconsin 11-0
  6. Georgia 10-1
  7. Auburn 9-2
  8. Penn State 9-2
  9. TCU 9-2
  10. Notre Dame 9-2
  11. USC 10-2 - The Trojans made it to the Pac-12 Championship Game and now have a week off to rest. The Playoff probably isn’t a reality, but they can still win a big bowl game for the second year in a row.
  12. Ohio State 9-2
  13. UCF 10-0
  14. Washington State 9-2 - The Cougars control their own destiny in the North and the chance for the biggest bowl game they have been two in more than 15 years. They face a major test though with the Apple Cup on the road.
  15. Washington 9-2 - The Huskies can’t win the North, but can still get to 11-2, a major accomplishment for the program. They have to get through the bye week-rested Cougars to get there though.
  16. Stanford 8-3 - That loss to San Diego State gives the Cardinal a slight ding and puts them behind Washington. Will be interesting to see how hard they go out Notre Dame given it has no logistical meaning for them getting to the Pac-12 Championship Game and they will want to be rested for USC if they get there.
  17. Mississippi State 8-3
  18. LSU 8-3
  19. Michigan State 8-3
  20. Michigan 8-3
  21. Northwestern 8-3
  22. Oklahoma State 8-3
  23. South Florida 9-1
  24. Virginia Tech 8-3
  25. Memphis 10-1

On the edge

South Carolina, Boise State, Iowa State, Texas A&M, Louisville