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Pac-12 bowl projections 11.29: USC in Fiesta Bowl and Washington in Alamo Bowl

Washington rises up the slots after winning Apple Cup and Arizona drops after two-straight losses.

NCAA Football: Washington State at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Fiesta Bowl - USC vs. TCU - I’m sticking with the Trojans winning the Pac-12 and being the conference’s only rep in a NY6 or better bowl. They will get the Big 12 Championship-losing Horned Frogs in Phoenix.

Alamo Bowl - Washington vs. Iowa State - Ugh...this is the Pac-12’s second-best bowl - likely against an unranked Iowa State or Kansas State? This is a good landing spot for the Huskies though, given they could have fallen far if they lost the Apple Cup.

Holiday Bowl - Stanford vs. Michigan - Not sure if the Holiday Bowl can pull this off, but it would be an epic matchup if Stanford loses on Friday night.

Foster Farm’s Bowl - Washington State vs. Northwestern - This will be a really fun matchup of opposite teams and a fallback big game in Santa Clara for the Cougars after missing out on the Pac-12 Championship Game.

Sun Bowl - Arizona State vs. Florida State - A pretty prominent bowl and matchup for a team that fired their coach. This should be a fun one in El Paso though.

Las Vegas Bowl - Oregon vs. Boise State - The Ducks roll into Vegas with a healthy Justin Herbert and have a chance to blow the Mountain West champ out of the water.

Cactus Bowl - Arizona vs. West Virginia - The Wildcats plummeted down the bowl slots losing their last two games and now stay in-state against a tough Big 12 opponent.

Birmingham Bowl - Temple vs. UCLA - The Bruins will land somewhere at-large as long as they want to accept.

Frisco Bowl - Houston vs. Utah - The Utes will make an at-large as well as long as they want to accept.