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Pacific Takes Top 25 11/6: Washington Huskies back in Top 10

Five Pac-12 teams in the poll.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Alabama 9-0
  2. Georgia 9-0
  3. Notre Dame 8-1
  4. Clemson 8-1
  5. Oklahoma 8-1
  6. Miami 8-0
  7. Wisconsin 9-0
  8. TCU 8-1
  9. Washington 8-1 - The Huskies have taken care of business the past two weeks and gotten help nationally. Now things get hard though as they play at Stanford on a short week and then close the regular season with the Apple Cup followed by a short week against USC in the Pac-12 Championship Game, if all goes well.
  10. Penn State 7-2
  11. Oklahoma State 7-2
  12. Michigan State 7-2
  13. USC 8-2 - The Trojans are still a scary opponent for anyone in the Pac-12 and the class of the South. They could easily win out and end up in the Top 3-5.
  14. Auburn 7-2
  15. Ohio State 7-2
  16. UCF 8-0
  17. Virginia Tech 7-2
  18. Washington State 8-2 - The Cougars won’t go away. Their win over Stanford keeps them right in the thick of the North, and Pac-12 Championship race. Their ultimate goals will likely hinge on if they can win the Apple Cup at Washington.
  19. Michigan 7-2
  20. Mississippi State 7-2
  21. South Florida 8-1
  22. Iowa 6-3
  23. Iowa State 6-3
  24. Arizona 6-3 - I was way off in not including the Wildcats in the Top 25 last week. I’m sorry and this is a bit of make up rank. The Wildcats would scare any team in the country with Khalil Tate.
  25. Stanford 6-3 - The Cardinal hang on. They have a very tough November waiting for them and will quickly fall off if Bryce Love isn’t healthy enough to be his old self.

On the edge

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