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A Thank You to Phillip Lindsay

As Senior Day Approaches, Phillip Lindsay’s Career deserves a thank you.

NCAA Football: Colorado at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been a Colorado fan for as long as I remember. I grew up in Boulder, went to games as a kid, and have continued to support the Buffaloes no matter where I’ve lived, where I’ve worked, or how hectic my life has gotten. I remember the Miracle in Michigan, the 62-36 beat down of #1 Nebraska in 2001, and even “The Rise” as recent as last year. I’ve been there through the bad times, giving up a 35 point lead to Kansas in the 4th quarter when Hawkins was coach, and the really rough transition to the Pac-12 Conference with coach Embree. I remember all the greats of my lifetime, Kordell Stewart, Daniel Graham, Joel Klatt, Chris Brown, and so many others who have brought pride to the black and gold that is the Colorado Buffaloes.

On Saturday, at Folsom Field, the 2017 senior class will take the field and run behind Ralphie for the last time at home. And while all these seniors have done great things for the program, I want to focus on one in particular.

Phillip Lindsay, the Tasmanian Devil as he’s known by Colorado fans, all 5’8”and 190 pounds of him, with his wild hair and his trademark Colorado flag mouthpiece. Being a Colorado guy, and someone who has a lot of pride from where he came from, Lindsay carries the torch for what being a Colorado kid is all about. It’s not about the almost 4700 yards from scrimmage or the 37 touchdowns he’s scored in a Buffaloes uniform, nor is it about the rebirth of Colorado Football to being competitive that he was such an integral part of.

It’s about an attitude, a mentality, and a constant will to be the best. Regardless of size, strength, or other circumstances, as a fan, you know Phillip Lindsay is going to give it his all, or die trying. It’s that kind of mentality that to me, makes him one of my favorite Buffaloes in my lifetime. It’s the fact that after a big game last year, he brought the entire offensive line to his press conference, or the fact that he’s a man of few words, just a guy who showcases what he’s all about by how hard he plays.

I’m headed home this weekend for senior day, and as I look back on the last four years, it’s been a privilege to get to watch Phil play every week. As he makes his last start at Folsom Field, as well as the rest of the seniors, there are so many things that should be said. I think the simplest and easiest though, is just to say thanks. Thank you, Phillip Lindsay, for epitomizing what being from Colorado is all about. It’s been a heck of a ride.