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Pacific Takes Top 25 12.4.17: USC moves up to number seven and Stanford still in Top 10

Four Pac-12 teams stick in final Top 25 before bowl season.

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Championship-Southern California vs Stanford John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

1. Oklahoma 12-1

2. Clemson 12-1

3. Georgia 12-1

4. Alabama 11-1

5. Auburn 10-3

6. Ohio State 11-2

7. USC 11-2 - The Trojans are the class of the Pac-12 this year and an upset by WSU or a blowout to Notre Dame away from being a legit Playoff contender. They have a shot at the Top 5 if they can get past Ohio State in Dallas.

8. Penn State 10-2

9. Wisconsin 12-1

10. Stanford 9-4 - I hate punishing teams for losing conference championship games so I won’t do that to Stanford. Plus, two of these losses are against USC so the extra loss doesn’t really mean anything to me.

11. Miami 10-2

12. UCF 12--0

13. Washington 10-2 - Don’t hate me Husky fans. I think the Huskies can play with anyone in the country and were a couple bad breaks away from going 12-0, but they didn’t prove a ton this year yet. They will get their chance against Penn State in the Fiesta Bowl.

14. TCU 10-3

15. Notre Dame 9-3

16. LSU 9-3

17. Northwestern 9-3

18. Michigan State 9-3

19. Washington State 9-3 - The Cougars beat Stanford and USC, but got blown out by Arizona, Cal and Washington. They were super hot and cold, but get a big proving game in the Holiday Bowl against Michigan State.

20. Oklahoma State 9-3

21. Virginia Tech 9-3

22. Memphis 10-2

23. South Florida 9-2

24. Mississippi State 8-4

25. Michigan 8-4

On the edge

San Diego State, Louisville, NCState, South Carolina, Iowa