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One on One with Yogi Roth of The Pac-12 Network

Yogi Roth is a man with a variety of thoughts on college football and life.

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When you spend time with certain individuals you can come away with a range of thoughts. After talking with the Pac-12 Network’s Yogi Roth about a range of topics in the Pac-12 Conference and with his connection with the company Capital One I realized that I talked with somebody that is truly concerned about his fellow man. Yogi also loves his college football, make no mistake about that.

Here is what we had time to talk about.

Question: Is Sark going to the Atlanta Falcons a good move for him?

“I have a personal relationship with Sark that goes back to when I was 19. He is like a big brother to me. When the opportunity came to go to Atlanta, Nick Saban was understanding of why Sark had to it. The move to Atlanta for Sark will be a good fit for the Falcons. It’s also a great fit for Sark. The players will love his offense and the opportunity to learn from him. It was a gift to learn from him for myself.” Roth stated.

Yogi mentioned that the way Steve Sarkisian can put together an offense is almost savant like.

“The way Sark can develop relationships while putting people in the best spots in an offense will really help the Falcons continue their rise. The weapons he has for his offense will make things great for the Falcons. I truly believe that.” Roth said.

Sark’s well documented issues at Washington and USC don’t need to be rehashed for anybody, but here is where I heard a bit of the personal side of Yogi Roth.

Roth continued on by saying everybody needs to put themselves first sometimes and now is that time for Sark.

I could tell that the Yogi Roth wants to see good things happen for Steve Sarkisian. Seeing people close to you struggle is never easy and when those people come out of the struggle and get control of their life, it is a site to behold.

Question: Who are the top 3 quarterbacks in the Pac-12 for 2017?

He came out of the gate with the first two pretty quick. The person to fill the third spot was a toss up to him.

“Sam for sure (speaking of Sam Darnold), Josh (speaking of Josh Rosen), and then I probably would go with Browning up there at Washington based on what he has done. Maybe Falk at Washington State, but Sam and Josh definitely. Browning and Falk would be tough to decide between the two.” Roth said.

I would tend to agree with Yogi on this one. Having Darnold and Rosen at the top of the list is certainly where I would start. For me, between Jake Browning and Luke Falk can be a splitting hairs type of deal.

Question: Best venue you have been in?

“Good question there. That’s tough. In the Pac-12 I would certainly say the Coli (L.A. Coliseum) or the Rose Bowl. In the Coliseum you can feel the Olympics, the energy of the past in there. The Rose Bowl is crazy with its history. It’s just so beautiful at the Rose Bowl as well.” Roth said.

It’s hard to argue with Yogi Roth on that. I’ve been in the press box for a game and have sat in the stands multiple times. The Rose Bowl is really the pinnacle of a football experience in my honest opinion.

The other part of Yogi Roth that makes him an interesting person to talk with is the fact that he seems like a man that is concerned for his fellow human beings. Roth has teamed up with Capital One bank to make banking and people’s finances fit their lifestyle.

“This is really the Chip Kelly way of doing banking. Capital One has these open spaces where you can talk to people who will make the banking experience fit your life.” Roth said.

“Sometimes you get yourself into situations where you want to travel or do other things with your money. Capital One wants to try and have people be able to do those things.” Roth stated enthusiastically.

At the end of the day, Yogi Roth is an intriguing guy to talk with. He loves his college football, but Yogi is also about helping people out. Roth is headed to Israel soon to help teach football to kids. Roth is a man who wants to use his knowledge of life and football to benefit others.

If you ever get a chance to talk with Yogi Roth, take that chance. I can guarantee you won’t regret it.