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Pac-12 bracketology: Oregon & Arizona 2 seeds, UCLA 4 seed, USC 7 seed, Cal 10 seed

Five teams in?

NCAA Basketball: California at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Five Pac-12 teams are in right now, according to Bracket Matrix.

Arizona Wildcats, 2 seed. Arizona has one blemish on their Pac-12 record: The Oregon demolition. But they’ve handled UCLA and whipped through almost the rest of their schedule without much trouble.

Oregon Ducks, 2 seed. With big wins over Arizona and UCLA and no puzzling losses, Oregon’s fate feels secure. Doesn’t feel like they can slip below 3-4 seed territory at this point.

UCLA Bruins, 4 seed. The slide for UCLA should stop now that the Bruins have their quality conference win over Oregon. Finishing strong could push them back into the 2-3 seed territory.

USC Trojans, 7 seed. USC’s win over UCLA looms large, particularly with a resume devoid of signature wins otherwise.

California Golden Bears, 10 seed. Cal is likely to get 20 wins without a signature win, which means bubble territory. Good news: They appear to be in a better spot than in previous weeks if they handle teams they’re supposed to handle.

Firmly out right now: Utah. With no signature wins to show, the Utes haven’t appeared in many brackets as of late.