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Mini-The good, the bad and the unknown: Quick Stanford and Oregon State reactions

A little bit was learned from the opening two Pac-12 games.

2017 US College Football Sydney Cup Photo by Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

The Good

Football is here - I’m sure many fans didn’t see a ton of Saturday’s games, still wrapped up in Summer activities, but just the option to watch some football was a godsend. College football has the longest off-season of any major sport, and breaking those eight hard months felt great. I’m okay with having maybe one game before true opening weeks.

Stanford’s offense is alive - I feel like even some of Stanford’s best Harbaugh/Shaw squads would have won that Rice game comfortably, but like 27-7 in a ho hum affair. I think Rice might not be a Top 25 team if they were FCS, but Stanford putting 62 on anyone is a good sign that their offense will be productive in 2017 after a season where they really struggled to put up points at times.

The Bad

Oregon State - Colorado State is good. They may win the Mountain West. The Beavers were on the road, at altitude, a week early. Still, that was bad. This was a game where I thought the Beavers might turn the corner and show that they are a bowl team in 2017, but they did the opposite. The Beavers really needed that win for bowl contention, and really needed to keep it close to keep showing they are improving, but they didn’t.

The Unknown Can Oregon State recover? The Beavers took one on the chin, but they're far from dead. They have started slow many times before, but the odds are against them right now with the way they played in Fort Collins, especially with how bad their defense looked.

Has Stanford’s offensive line turned a corner - It was shocking when Stanford’s offensive line was so bad last year because the unit had been the program’s calling card for so many years. The Cardinal offensive line looked ridiculous against Rice, but did that have more to do with how bad Rice’s defensive front was, or is Stanford back to dominating on the offensive line?