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A College Football Conversation with Fox Sports Bruce Feldman

Talked with Bruce Feldman about the Pac-12 Conference

NCAA Football: Montana at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes when you write about the Pac-12 Conference you get so zoned in on things happening in the conference that you lose perspective. Having a chance to get an outside perspective on Pac-12 football is always appreciated.

Today, I got chance to speak with Fox Sports College Football Insider, Bruce Feldman.

Feldman does the sideline reporting for Fox with their college football games. I talked to him about the happenings in the Pac-12 and what may happen in the conference this season.

Question: Is Oregon primed for a comeback season?

“I can see this team winning eight games this year. They just have a lot more energy and bounce to them right now. Willie Taggart is a good coach and has a lot of talent on his squad this year. I really like Justin Herbert. He’s big, he’s accurate, and he’s getting more confidence with every snap he takes.

The Ducks have weapons in the backfield and I can only imagine what the attack would be like if Darren Carrington had not been let go. I understand why he was, but if he was there the Ducks offense might be one of the best.” Feldman explained.

Question: Does Todd Graham or Rich Rodriguez survive past this year?

“I think Rich Rod has a better chance at surviving than Graham. After what happened with San Diego State, the Devils don’t appear to have a lot of toughness. When things go bad, they don’t look like they have much fight. I’m not sure if they want to fire somebody in mid-season though. It probably comes at the end of the season.” Feldman said.

NCAA Football: San Diego State at Arizona State Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Question: Are the Huskies and Trojans on collision course for the Pac-12 Championship Game?

“I think so. To me, they are two most talented teams in the Pac-12. If these two teams are in the title game, I would give the edge to Washington. I think the talent they have on defense, plus, having Chris Petersen as their head coach give the Huskies the edge. Washington has been there before, won it, and know what it takes to get the job done. Don’t get me wrong, the Trojans have Sam Darnold and some great talent, but a lot of that talent, including Darnold is young. They have not won any title or a playoff game yet. I want this game to happen because they don’t meet during the regular season and the hype for this game would be great.” Feldman said.

NCAA Football: Hawaii at UCLA Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Question: Who is going to be the better quarterback long-term, Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen?

“That is a good question. Rosen is so polished and has that look of an pro quarterback. He can make all the throws. He is confident in his abilities, some might say, to confident. Josh is good kid with a ton of talent and the pro scouts are drooling over him. It’s a good position to be in if you’re Josh Rosen. With Sam Darnold, you get a kid who is not as polished, has the arm, and can get out and run around better than Rosen. The thing with Darnold is that he seems much more of gunslinger than Rosen. He’ll take a few more chances on the field than Rosen as well.” Feldman explained.

Question: I’m not totally convinced that Sam Darnold goes pro, are you?

“Yeah, I am not convinced either. He grew up rooting for the Trojans and he just might say to himself that he likes being in college. I think if he does stay, it would be a sign of maturity in my opinion. He might also take a look at who may be picking at the top of the NFL Draft and tell himself that life would be better being a Trojan for a little longer.” Feldman said.

The conversation with Bruce Feldman was quick and a follow up at some point will happen, but it was interesting to hear a non-Pac-12 guy throw his two cents into the thoughts surrounding the Pac-12 Conference.