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On the Phone with the Pac-12 Conference

Weekly teleconference with the coaches

NCAA Football: California at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Every week the Pac-12 football coaches are summoned to a conference call with the media. It’s mostly “coach speak”, but it does provide a little insight to what these coaches are thinking with the team they have to face, injuries, and other topics surrounding the Pac-12 Conference.


Question: The defensive players seem to have a good chemistry after the game last week, does the offense have the same chemistry yet?

“I sure hope so. I’ve been proud of these guys as they have approached things unselfishly. It’s a team game, so we win and lose as a team.” Rich Rodriguez said.

Question: Do you feel they are bouncing back and are ready for the next challenge?

“Yeah, they had a couple of days off on Saturday and Sunday. We got through some corrections from the last game and now we are onto Colorado.” Rodriguez mentioned.

NCAA Football: Utah at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona State:

Question: “Nice win against the Ducks, how do keep the momentum going?”

“You just have to keep getting better every week. I think we are close to finding what our niche is in all three fazes. We got to put the game behind us because every week you have a new Pac-12 opponent and it gets tougher and tougher every week.” Graham said.

Question: Talk about the progress of your field goal kicker.

“Yeah, we had the Lou Groza Award Winner last year and we signed the number one kicker in the country. He has a real calm, cool demeanor. He’s going to continue to get better. He’s hit some big kicks for us and will get tough mentally as we go along.” Graham said.

Question: You’ve thrown some deep balls the last few games. Is that situational or is it by design?

“It’s by design. We got some guys that can do it. We got guys that stretch the field horizontally. We have had confidence in throwing the deep ball and will continue to do it.” Todd Graham said.


Question: You got travel to Pullman for a Friday night game. Does that pose any special practice problems?

“It’s all part of the business. We are in a television, entertainment business. You look at your schedule and plan ahead. There’s been a few nights on the couch in the office this week. It’s part of the business though.” Clay Helton said.

NCAA Football: Southern California at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Question: Talk about the development of your kicker.

“He’s getting more and more confidence. He’s hit some big shots against Texas, not only at the end of regulation and the one in overtime. He hits one against Cal into a pretty stiff wind and helps us win in back-to-back weeks. Our staff and players are getting more and more confidence in him.” Helton mentioned.


Question: Does Jaylen Jenks for Oregon concern you?

“He’s a really good player. He’s flying around and doing a lot of good things. The defense is better and he’s a big part of that.” Justin Wilcox said.

Question: Describe you relationship with Justin Herbert. Your families are long time friends. Do you stay in touch with him now?

“I was really good friends with his parents and grandparents. I haven’t lived there for about 17 years. There family is a really good family and he’s a talented kid. We will have to be at our best this weekend.” Wilcox said.

Question: What’s unique about Herbert?

“His ability to throw the ball. He can run, he can throw it. He’s big, he very deliberate with the ball. He’s a great kid.” Wilcox said.

NCAA Football: Southern California at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon State:

Question: Chris Peterson said you guys are not far from where you want to be. How do your thoughts differ from that?

“Well, I appreciate that. We are in a process and what we need to be able to see is consistency. If we can have consistency in what we are doing we will be much closer to where we want to be. These kids are grinding. Make sure we go out everyday and fight and move forward.” Coach Andersen said.

Question: How do you defend Washington? How do you pick your poison?

“That’s what you have to do. You have to take some chances and you have to make some decisions. There are opportunities out there. Are you going to hang back in coverage or get up and jam them. It’s the skill set of the kids. The offensive line skill set are the difference makers, as well as the defensive line kids. They are very good team with a lot of toughness. The toughness is the constant with them. Our kids have to understand that. You have to tackle well with them.” Coach Andersen said.