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Week Five: UCLA vs Colorado

Hello Darkness My Old Friend...

NCAA Football: UCLA at Stanford Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The season has taken a turn for the worse for the Bruins.

Last week, UCLA revealed its true form and boy, was it ugly. But, of course it doesn’t get easy for the Bruins as the Colorado Buffaloes make the trip down to the Rose Bowl.

Let’s face the facts, UCLA has the worse defense in the Pac-12. It is absolutely atrocious and through four games it has shown no signs of improvement. Their defense has given up: 44, 23, 48, and 58 points. The defense currently ranks 124th out of 129 teams. Health has been a slight issue for UCLA but bringing back these few injured players isn’t going to make UCLA significantly better. Significant changes must be made because they face yet another great running back in senior Philp Lindsay. Lindsay is their bell-cow back and could easily put up over 150 yards and a couple touchdowns. Quarterback Steven Montez is no slouch either. He has the physical tools that could make him a great quarterback but his youth has shown early on in the season. He currently has six touchdowns and six interceptions with three of his interceptions coming last week against No. 6 Washington. I have zero confidence in the defense and will continue to have zero confidence until shown otherwise. Success for the defense will be holding the Buffs to under 30 points.

But, enough negatives, let’s attempt to be somewhat positive about the only positive thing on this team, the offense. Josh Rosen has been spectacular in the early going. He has 16 touchdowns to four interceptions and has put UCLA at the No. 1 in the nation in passing offense. I don’t have any complaints about the offense and it’s going to be a real shame when Rosen leaves for the NFL next year. The Buffs defense will provide Rosen with his most difficult test in the season. The Buffs defense took a beating last week against Washington but going into the game opposing teams had not scored more than 21 points. UCLA has not scored less than 40 points in any game this season. Something has to give Saturday night in Pasadena and I have a strange feeling that it’s going to be UCLA’s offense.

A night game in the Rose Bowl should be an excellent atmosphere for the Bruins but, with the way the team has played so far, I doubt that place will be rocking. Half the stadium will be empty and I won’t be surprised if we see a lot of Buffs fans in the Rose Bowl. Montez and Lindsay will have their best games of the season because our defense has more holes than a block of cheese. I anticipate this game being a shootout with both teams scoring into upper thirties and possibly lower forties. But, UCLA will encounter the same problem it has the past two weeks, no defense. Colorado wins 42-34 and the game won’t be as close as the score says.