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Washington Dominates Oregon State

Huskies win in Corvallis easily

NCAA Football: Washington at Oregon State Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

You play who you have to play and make no apologies about it. The Washington Huskies came into Corvallis and had a job to do. They accomplished that job. Any possibility of a let down was quickly put to rest in their victory 42-7 over the Oregon State Beavers.

Oregon State made people wonder if an upset was in the cards tonight. They played solid for a half. The score at halftime was 7-0, Washington in the lead. Some people may have wondered if the upset would happen.

I didn’t.

There wasn’t anything that I was seeing in person that led me to believe that the Beavers were going to pull a massive upset.

Washington is the best team in the Pac-12 right now. The Dawgs know how to win, they have won, and look to continue to win for the foreseeable future.

When you have a trifecta of Jake Browning, Myles Gaskin, Dante Pettis, and a defense that is tough as nails wins will come your way.

NCAA Football: Washington at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This Husky defense is no joke. Many people wanted to push the Trojans as the team of the Pac-12, but I had my reservations about USC. To me, Washington has the best defense and it’s not even close.

Washington allowed only 184 yards of offense by Oregon State. They allowed a measly eight first downs by the Beavers and forced two turnovers by Oregon State. The other category that showed the domination of the Huskies was the massive disparity in total yards. There was 325 yard difference between these two teams.

There might as well been a hole the size of the Grand Canyon of difference with these two programs right now.

Washington is a program that knows what it’s future holds. The Beavers don't know what the next day may hold for them.

The offense looks stagnant and the defense looks like a deer in headlights. It’s tough to watch if you’re an Oregon State fan.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

I went down the elevator with another media member who almost acted shocked at how the Beavers played tonight.

“There is more talent there than they are showing.” The media member said.

That comment raised my eyebrows a little bit. If that is the way people want to look at it, fine. That’s their opinion and they are certainly entitled to it. However, if the talent that is supposedly there was playing the way that people wanted, there may be more wins on the ledger.

The defense played well in the first half tonight, but just collapsed in the second half on Saturday night. The defense looked lost in the second half.

Something needs to be addressed with the Beaver coaching staff.

You can tell the head coach Gary Andersen is not happy with his staff. For the second time this season, he has kind of thrown some shade toward his staff.

In the post game press conference Coach Andersen was asked about the absence of wide receiver Isaiah Hodgins on Saturday night. He basically inferred that he had earthly idea why Hodgins was not included in the offense. He said that people would have ask his offensive coaches.

There is something going on behind closed doors in Corvallis. It is something that fans need to pay attention to. I don’t think Coach Andersen is let go, but a new offensive and defensive coordinator may be in the mix at some point.

The Beavers are a mess and Washington is not. I think Washington wins the Pac-12 Title again. Period.