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Pacific Takes Top 25 9/4: USC and Washington fall out of Top 10

A Top 25 focused on just the Pac-12 after week one.

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alabama 1-0

2. Clemson 1-0

3. Ohio State 1-0

4. Penn State 1-0

5. Michigan 1-0

6. Oklahoma 1-0

7. Oklahoma State 1-0

8. LSU 1-0

9. Wisconsin 1-0

10. Auburn 1-0

11. Florida State 0-1

12. USC 1-0

The preseason Pac-12 favorites didn’t impress in week one. I know this is a big drop, but with only one week of action, this is just where I think USC stacks up now based on what has been proven.

13. Washington 1-0

The Huskies are the same as the Trojans for now. They have Top 5 potential, but they simply didn’t look like it in week one. They will prove themselves either was as the season goes on.

14. Louisville 1-0

15. Stanford 1-0

The Cardinal are laying in wait for the Trojans and Huskies, ready to pounce if they slip up. The Cardinal gets their shot at the Trojans in LA next week.

16. Georgia 1-0

17. Kansas State 1-0

18. Miami 1-0

19. Virginia Tech 1-0

20. Colorado 1-0

The Buffs defense might be a lot better than anticipated, but their offense might be not nearly as strong as expected. They’re here for now.

21. TCU 1-0

22. South Florida 2-0

23. Minnesota 1-0

24. Washington State 1-0

The Cougars got past their recent Big Sky troubles. Now they need to beat Boise State to prove they belong in the Top 25.

25. Florida 0-1

On the edge

UCLA, Utah, Oregon, Boise State, Northwestern