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Pacific Takes Top 25 10.15: Oregon top Pac-12 team in rankings

The back of the Top 25 loaded with Pac-12 teams.

Colorado v USC Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images
  1. Alabama 7-0
  2. Ohio State 7-0
  3. Notre Dame 7-0
  4. Clemson 6-0
  5. LSU 6-1
  6. Michigan 6-1
  7. Texas 6-1
  8. Oklahoma 5-1
  9. Florida 6-1
  10. Georgia 6-1
  11. UCF 6-0
  12. Oregon 5-1 - The Ducks split their North showdowns in Eugene and set themselves up well for the rest of the season. They will get back into the Playoff conversation if they win out from here.
  13. NCState 5-0
  14. Kentucky 5-1
  15. Texas A&M 5-2
  16. Mississippi State 4-2
  17. West Virginia 5-1
  18. Penn State 4-2
  19. Iowa 5-1
  20. USF 6-0
  21. Washington 5-2 - Can’t knock Washington too much for losing at Oregon in overtime, but their loss against Auburn in Atlanta is actually looking worse and worse each week. They look like a good, but far from great team this year.
  22. Stanford 4-2 - Getting blasted by Utah at home hurts Stanford, but I have a feeling they are going to start stringing wins together when Bryce Love gets back. They quietly control their own destiny in the North right now.
  23. USC 4-2 - The Trojans are also lurking. They made a statement in the South by beating Colorado in LA and are the team to beat in the division until proven otherwise.
  24. Washington State 5-1 - The Cougars could easily be undefeated and could easily knock off Oregon in Eugene this weekend. They look to be a major factor in the North race, yet again.
  25. Colorado 5-1 - The Colorado back to Earth tour probably keeps rolling Saturday in Seattle, but the Buffs are still a pretty good team that can compete with anyone in the Pac-12. They can climb back into the Top 25 later in the season even if they lose to Washington Saturday.

On the edge

Utah, Wisconsin, San Diego State, Michigan State, Mississippi