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Pacific Takes Top 25 10.23: Washington State breaks into the Top 15

The Cougars jump out ahead of the Pac-12 pack.

Oregon v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images
  1. Alabama 8-0
  2. Notre Dame 7-0
  3. Clemson 7-0
  4. LSU 7-1
  5. Michigan 7-1
  6. Texas 6-1
  7. Florida 6-1
  8. Oklahoma 6-1
  9. Georgia 6-1
  10. Ohio State 7-1
  11. UCF 7-0
  12. Kentucky 6-1
  13. Washington State 6-1 - The Cougars pushed themselves ahead of the rest of the conference and it’s scary to think that they could actually be undefeated. Their offense will give them a great chance at beating anyone they face the rest of the way and they could test the Top 10 if they can win at Stanford Saturday.
  14. Iowa 6-1
  15. West Virginia 5-1
  16. Texas A&M 5-2
  17. NCState 5-1
  18. USF 7-0
  19. Penn State 5-2
  20. Washington 6-2 - The Huskies weren’t pretty in their win over Colorado, but it was good enough to move them ahead and push Colorado out of the Top 25. They might not be the Pac-12’s most-exciting team, but they still might be it’s most-balanced and best. Time will tell.
  21. Utah 5-2 - The Utes are the Pac-12’s scariest team right now. Their combination of offensive explosion and defensive punishment seems to get stronger every week.
  22. Stanford 5-2 - The sleeping contender. The Cardinal can make a statement this week by beating Washington State in Pullman. Don’t forget, they still control their destiny in the North, even with Bryce Love struggling.
  23. Oregon 5-2 - The Ducks showed fight in crawling back into things in Pullman, but they came up short and dropped themselves down a peg in the North fight, already having two conferences losses.
  24. Wisconsin 5-2
  25. Texas Tech 5-2

On the edge

San Diego State, Appalachian State, Boston College, Houston, Colorado