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Pac-12 2018 NCAA Tournament bracketology 3/7: Will the Pac-12 only get one team in?

NCAA Basketball: Pac-12 Conference Tournament - Arizona State vs Colorado Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports


Arizona 24-7 (14-4)

Seed: 4-5

Next game: Colorado

The Wildcats might be the only team in the conference to get in. They can get knocked out by Colorado and still get in. However, winning the tournament could push them up to a three seed.

On the bubble

USC 21-10 (12-6)

Seed: 10-11

Next game: Washington/Oregon State

The Trojans are the Pac-12’s second-best hope to get in. I think they are safely in, but they cannot lose to the Huskies or Beavers on Thursday. Their best shot might be the play-in if they do.

Arizona State 20-11 (8-10)

Seed: NIT-play in

The Sun Devils may have lost their shot at the tournament by losing to Colorado on Wednesday. They have a beyond elite non-conference resume, but going 8-11 basically in a down Pac-12 is brutal.

UCLA 20-10 (11-7)

Seed: NIT-play in

Next game: Stanford

The Bruins are sneaking up. Get to Arizona and upset them, and they’re probably in. Maybe not even as a play in.

Utah 19-10 (11-7)

Seed: NIT

Next game: Oregon/Washington State

Like UCLA, Utah is lurking with a shot at making a late run at the tournament. They probably have to get at least all the way to the championship game with a win over USC in their pocket though.

Washington 20-11 (10-8)

Seed: NIT

Next game: Oregon State

The Huskies have a great resume for a seven seed in the Pac-12 Tournament. They have to beat USC to have a shot at the tournament and might have to make it all the way to the championship to even truly be in the conversation.