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Pacific Takes Top 25 9.24: Oregon moves into Top 15 and Cal and Utah into Top 20

An updated Pac-12 with a Pac-12 focus

Stanford v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images
  1. Alabama 4-0
  2. Georgia 4-0
  3. Clemson 4-0
  4. Ohio State 4-0
  5. LSU 4-0
  6. Stanford 4-0 - The Stanford beat San Diego State and USC by a combined 35 points and scored a huge win at Oregon this weekend. Their the leaders of the Pac for now and a legit Playoff contender. They face a huge test at Notre Dame this weekend.
  7. Oklahoma 4-0
  8. Penn State 4-0
  9. Auburn 3-1
  10. Washington 3-1 - The Huskies have scored two underrated in-conference wins and still look tough enough on defense and efficient enough on offense to be a Top 10 team. They’re going to fight it out tough in the Pac-12 North with Oregon and Stanford in the next couple of months.
  11. Notre Dame 4-0
  12. West Virginia 3-0
  13. Oregon 3-1 - The Ducks jumped almost 10 spots with a loss. That’s how good they looked against Stanford outside of their late collapse. They’re going to have to prove it this week at Cal though.
  14. UCF 3-0
  15. Michigan 3-1
  16. Miami 3-1
  17. Cal 3-0 - The Bears have a tough enough defense to maybe stay in the Top 25 throughout the season, but they’re going to have to start proving it this week when Oregon comes to town. The good news is the Bears are coming off a bye week, so they should be plenty prepared and rested for the Ducks.
  18. BYU 3-1
  19. Wisconsin 3-1
  20. Utah 2-1 - I like the Utes a lot. Also, there is a really big drop off of teams after the Top 12 and it’s hard to rank them. The Utes can pick themselves right back up with a win at Washington State this week.
  21. Duke 4-0
  22. Kentucky 4-0
  23. South Carolina 2-1
  24. USF 4-0
  25. Iowa 3-1

On the edge

San Diego State, Michigan State, NCState, Florida, Maryland