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Pacific Takes Top 25 9/5: Washington stays in Top 10 and Utah sneaks into Top 25

Ranking the Top 25 after week one with a Pac-12 focus.

NCAA Football: Weber State at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Alabama 1-0

2. Clemson 1-0

3. Georgia 1-0

4. Wisconsin 1-0

5. Oklahoma 1-0

6. Ohio State 1-0

7. Auburn 1-0

8. Washington 0-1 - The Huskies showed about as much as they could without winning on the road against a Top 10 team, so you can’t really knock them down much. They should still hang around the Top 10 and be a CFP contender as long as they win and Auburn pans out.

9. Penn State 1-0

10. West Virginia 1-0

11. LSU 1-0

12. Stanford 1-0 - The Cardinal showed that they can beat one of the nations best mid-majors by more than 20 with Bryce Love having a nightmare game. They will be a scary team if J.J. Arcega-Whiteside and K.J. Costello can play like they did against San Diego State all season and if the defense can keep opponents off the scoreboard.

13. Notre Dame 1-0

14. Virginia Tech 1-0

15. TCU 1-0

16. Boise State 1-0

17. Michigan State 1-0

18. USC 1-0 - The Trojans didn’t look great against UNLV, but they got the job done at home and their freshmen skill players looked good. They’ll have to prove themselves for real though this week as they head up to Palo Alto.

19. UCF 1-0

20. Mississippi State 1-0

21. Michigan 0-1

22. Oregon 1-0 - The Ducks and Justin Herbert did what they needed to do against Bowling Green. They just need to coast in their soft non-conference games, stay healthy, and get ready for their Pac-12 opener against Stanford.

23. South Carolina 1-0

24. Utah 1-0 - The Utes impressed against an FCS opponent. That doesn’t mean much, but their offense looked impressive and their defense scary stingy. We’ll see how they do against a good mid major at Northern Illinois this weekend.

25. Miami 0-1

On the edge

Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Florida, Northwestern, Maryland