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Final Pacific Takes 2018-19 Top 25: Washington Huskies barely stay in Top 10

Five Pac-12 teams end up ranked.

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl Game-Ohio State vs Washington Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Clemson 15-0
  2. Alabama 14-1
  3. Ohio State 13-1
  4. Oklahoma 12-2
  5. Notre Dame 12-1
  6. Texas 10-4
  7. LSU 10-3
  8. Georgia 11-3
  9. Florida 10-3
  10. Washington 10-4 - The Huskies didn’t get over the elite win hump they desperately need to conquer by losing to Ohio State and looked like a disaster for much of the game, but were able to save face and make it a one-possession game in the end. A Pac-12 title in their pocket keeps them in the Top 10.
  11. UCF 12-1
  12. Washington State 11-2 - The Cougars close out their best season since 1997 with their biggest bowl win since the early-2000s. It was a magical one-year ride with Gardner Minshew and they proved that they are one of the nation’s most-underrated teams year-after-year.
  13. Michigan 10-3
  14. Kentucky 10-3
  15. Syracuse 10-3
  16. Northwestern 9-5
  17. West Virginia 8-4
  18. Penn State 9-4
  19. Texas A&M 9-4
  20. Utah 9-5 - Tough close to the season for the Utes, but don’t forget it all happened without Tyler Huntley and Zack Moss. Finishing in the Top 20 is still a major score for the Utes and sets them up nicely for 2019.
  21. Iowa 9-4
  22. Stanford 9-4 - Keep in mind Stanford’s four losses came at Notre Dame, at Washington, at home against Utah and Washington State and they could have easily beaten both Washington schools. An underrated solid season for Stanford overall.
  23. Oregon 9-4 - The Ducks did what they needed to do to get back into the Top 25. They didn’t meet some of the wild expectations given to them in preseason and early in the season, but I had them at 25 going in, so they lived up to realistic expectations.
  24. NCState 9-4
  25. Auburn 8-5

On the edge

Iowa State, Fresno State, Cincinnati, Boise State, Utah State