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Pac-12 looking back & looking ahead 11/11: USC fights for Clay Helton?

Don’t bury the Trojans just yet?

NCAA Football: Southern California at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Looking Back

USC finds life in the desert - The Trojans easily could have packed it up for the season after getting embarrassed by Oregon in The Coliseum, but they went to Tempe and came out strong against a solid ASU team. Until anything official is released, Clay Helton is the man at USC and keep in mind, if USC wins their next two (and that is very possible) and Utah gets upset just one time in the final three, USC is headed to the P12CG.

Washington’s defense comes alive - The Huskies have looked like a completely different animal in 2019 as their signature stingy defense has average at best all season until Friday night in Corvallis when they shut out (OSU scored on a pick six) the Beavers and barely let them get 100 yards. The Huskies looked a lot like Utah’s conference-best defense that shut out the prolific Beaver offense in Corvallis not long ago.

Cal & Devon Modster come alive as well - It appeared the Bears might not win a single conference game after their upset of Washington in Seattle. Then their offense came alive against Washington State’s questionable defense and the Bears look like a team that are going to get the chance to fight it out for a bowl game.

Hey! Don’t bury Colorado either - The trend for the Pac-12 continues of teams that really, really need a win in-conference almost always getting it, unless they’re playing one of the absolute top teams as Colorado pulled out a tight one against Stanford. The Buffs now still have a glimmer of hope for a bowl game.

Looking Ahead

Avoiding upsets? Almost every time you have a set up like we have with Oregon and Utah looking like they’re setting up for an epic showdown of possibly Top 5 teams, someone gets upset along the way. It’s just college football. Which of the questionable teams left on their schedules could pull that off though? I have no idea.

Bowl madness? we’re in mid-November and every single Pac-12 team still has a shot at a bowl. How many teams are going to get to six wins? All 12? Haha. I’m not good enough with math to figure out if that’s possible, but we could get very close.

Clay Helton? Helton remains at USC, but it feels like a couple that’s separated and it’s only a matter of time before the divorce paperwork comes through. Could a run at the Rose Bowl save his job? Keep in mind that’s not impossible at all.